All that is gold does not glitter

Yet nothing gold can stay

Fire and ice and perish twice

That's what the poets say

The captain lies upon the deck –

He's fallen, cold and dead

Father Time sits by to watch

And scratches his old grey head

Frost and Whitman and Tennyson –

Each has had his day

Carpenter, walrus, oysters too

Is what the poets say

Mouse and clock and Jabberwock

Children's dreams derive

From painted verse and loving nurse

The means – how to survive

A life of steel and concrete walls

Of cabbages and kings

Carroll's girl in bright blue dress

Spoke of all these things

Succeeding and giving to aid with our living

And Luthien and her Lay

Frozen hands and hearts and bones

Did once a poet say

Half a league, the Valley of Death

A tiger's glowing eye

Casey, the bat, and striking out

Telling stories with a sigh

History, sorrow, lover's lines

Dark nights or ribbons gay

Laugh and the world laughs with you

Or so the poets say.

"So The Poets Say" by Grace Shisler copyright 2008