Dear Editor:

Grace Shisler

February 11, 2007

Period 1

Dear Editor:

Your recent article describing the "attacks" on teachers at St. Dunster's was out-of-line, misinformed, and off base. None of us (the "criminally inclined female minors") have ever (consciously) attacked any educator at St. Dunster's. Most of us are in this horrible place because of misunderstandings. My friend Arisa was framed by a local gang! Theodora just has an interesting subconscious. Tina couldn't stand to be at home! And Latoya . . . now we get to the recent incident with Mr. Jones.

Latoya is a very special 17-year-old. She happens to be in the fourth grade. Most of the time when people tease her, she doesn't understand. Mr. Jones was trying to provoke an attack to make us look bad, and chose to pick on Latoya. She didn't understand and went to the front of the room (where Mr. Jones was) to get a pencil. Mr. Jones thought Latoya was threatening him, and accidentally backed into a bookcase. The books fell on top of him, causing the bruises, scrapes, and concussion that the doctors treated. Mr. Jones, when he awoke, blamed it all on us. Some teachers at St. Dunster's even said we pushed the bookcase over onto him.

As you can plainly see, Mr. Jones's injuries are not our fault. We are in here unfairly (most of us, anyway) and people think we are bad people. They just do not understand. Most of us have learning disabilities (case in point: Latoya) and just need someone who will treat us like humans. We did not attack Mr. Jones!


Melissa from St. Dunster's