If there was another way down I wouldn't be up here
If I had the chance to jump I would've taken it

If it was just another day I wouldn't be around
If I had the heart to move I wouldn't be faking it

She lets her head hang tired of
A world around her that just won't
Listen to her

She lets her eyes run dry
After crying for days that just won't
Come back to her

And she screams at me from the bottom of the bridge
To come back down, it'll all be OK
But to me this can't be, our world's dissolving
And there's no better way to make this right

If there was another way out I would've taken it months ago
If there was another move I could've made it would've already been done

Well, promises made never hurt anyone
But secrets kept will keep on hurting long

She lets her head fall to the dirt
As she listens to the earth and she cries
She doesn't know why

She lets her tongue untie,
Speaks her mind, looking for the words to come
But it's just not happening

And she screams at me from the bottom of the bridge
Oh I'm tired, I'm tired of all of this
This just can't breathe, I won't let it breathe anymore like this,
It's not fair to go on like this,

This emptiness we keep coming back to when the feeling dies
The blankness of the morning when it finally starts to shine
The breaking down when we start to cry
And I'm losing this, I'm losing it, the feeling inside

Dissolves into black
There's no turning back
from the minefield we've laid,
And the games that we've played
Are one with deceit,

It's just out of reach
To keep holding back,
This emotion we've lacked
For so long I've felt as if
We were on the edge and slipping
Down, She lets her tongue untie
Down, lets her words ignite

Down. Sets fire to everything
Down. Our love's dissolving
Our love's dissolving…

#757 – 4.24.2008