The American Civil War: A Closer Inspection

We've all heard the same story. The South seceded because it wanted to keep its slaves. The North fought to preserve the Union, and later to free the slaves. The South is the obvious bad guys. And Lincoln was made one of our greatest presidents by defeating them, as seen in his memorial in Washington, D.C. Maybe some of us know South views things a little differently. But they're just mad because they lost and can't get over what happened 150 years ago, right? We shouldn't listen to what the "bad guys" have to say. There's no way they could possibly be right.

Well, why not? Why is it so impossible that the South is actually right? Why would they, for so long, hold onto their claim that the Civil War was about more than slavery? What if it was really about states' rights? What if the North really was blatantly ignoring the Constitution and continues to today? Well, then we'd have a big problem. That would mean we have been lied to for 150 years. It would be the biggest hoax in U.S. history. It would mean we'd have to do something to get things back to how they should be.

I think we find it so hard to believe that the South is right because the very idea scares us. Who wants to believe that the government is corrupt and has been lying to us all these years? That would just be inconvenient. It's easier to believe nothing's wrong and to get back to our immediate gratification lives, not worrying about anything, and just saying to those who do see something wrong, "oh, it's just the changing times." Meanwhile America as we know it is crumbling away with no one to stop it. No one, that is, except the South. You should know that I am a Northerner. I have never been a Southerner and don't have any Southern friends that have influence my thinking. That being said, as a Northerner, I will attempt to prove that the Civil War was about states' rights, not slavery, the South was right, and it will rise again.

If you look at the facts, it doesn't make sense that the South fought to keep slavery. Only about 20 of Southerners owned slaves, and of them, the majority owned one or two. What was the rest of the South fighting for? There had to be something else. An entire region wouldn't secede to keep a system that was in decline (the South was actually in the process of slowly freeing its slaves; if the South had won there would be no chance we'd have slavery today). It just doesn't make sense if you think about it. Northern educators would never let you know that there were many black slave holders in the South as well. In fact, blacks were the ones who sold their fellow Africans into slavery in the first place.

Another thing, slaves weren't treated as cruelly as we tend to think. Slaves were expensive. Slave owners wouldn't want to risk them getting badly injured, so they didn't use them for dangerous jobs. Some slaves even liked their masters. After they were freed, many former slaves stayed on their plantations and continued to work for their masters. It was also common for former slaves to take care of their former masters and visa versa (John's Politically Incorrect Page).

If the Civil War wasn't about slavery, what was it about? The real causes were mostly economical. The South has always been better in this area than the North. The economy of the South is based on agriculture trade. The North had to rely on industrial trade. With a great influx of immigrants, representation became a problem. The North simply couldn't keep up with the South (Aaron). So what did they do? Take their freedom away. That is where states' rights come in.

The slavery part should be noted here. You have to keep in mind that, like it or not, slaves were considered property back then. The North didn't object to this. That was just simply the way of thinking. That being said, it was wrong for the North to try to deny slave owners the right to bring their property wherever they want. They denied the South the right of property, which is strictly against the Constitution. It's important to forget the detail of slavery and focus on the principle of what the North did. This is only a small part of the wrongs done to the South.

To fix its economy, the North decided to increase the size of the federal government and decrease the power of state governments. They did this so they could heavily tax the South, raising revenue for the North (Aaron). With the new strong federal government, the South didn't have any say in this. The high export tariffs and import duties caused many large Southern landowners to be reduced to bankruptcy or on the line of it (John's Politically Incorrect Page). What was the South supposed to do, just accept it and try to live with it? Is that what the colonies did when British Parliament was doing basically the same thing? I don't think so.

The South didn't give up just yet. They held onto the hope that the government could change. This hope increasingly diminished as more and more rights were taken away. The election of Abraham Lincoln was the last straw. "Lincoln's intentions were summarized by Stephen Douglas in debates. Douglas accused Lincoln of wanting to 'Impose on the nation a uniformity of local laws and institutions and a moral homogeneity dictated by the central government' that 'place at defiance the intentions of the republic's founders'" (Williams). This is exactly what he did. The South knew it was time to leave when Lincoln had it in mind to send troops and supplies to Fort Sumter to impede shipping to and from Charleston, the very thing he said he would not do (Aaron). The South knew that as long as they stayed in the Union they could kiss their liberty goodbye. That's why the South seceded.

The South fought for the same principles the colonies fought for in the American Revolution. The North fought to keep the Union together. Why? Economically, they needed the South. When asked, "Why not let the South go in peace?" Lincoln replied, "I can't let them go, who would pay for the government?" (Lenzini). Northern economy would have crashed if it didn't get the South back. It was only until later, when Northern support for the war started to decline, that Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation to gain national and international support (Aaron). Curiously enough, Lincoln was quite the racist. After the war, he planned to send blacks to the jungles of Central America. He didn't want blacks in the U.S. and he knew Africa wouldn't take them back. He would have followed through with this if he hadn't been assassinated (Lenzini). Please remind me why blacks revere Lincoln so much.

If you've accept everything I've said so far, then you must have one question: why aren't we taught this in school? The answer is simple. The Northern education system can't afford to let students know the truth. Why? Because they've got everything to lose. We've got a huge federal government today that's overstepping its boundaries set by the Constitution because of the results of the Civil War, which successfully quenched the question of states' rights. If everyone knew the truth about what's happening, the fact that every day we're moving farther away from our founding principles, we would surly revolt. We have the power to take back the government. If we knew the truth, we would do just that. Even the Republican Party, which has long stood for our traditional founding values, doesn't know the truth. The hope for America is in the South.

The South is simply amazing. For 150 years, it has continued to hold onto our founding principles. The federal government has tried to sway it, but to no avail. If the South had given up, America would have been doomed a long time ago. There will always be hope as long as the South stays strong. America can't transform completely until the South gives up. And thankfully, it hasn't yet.

As Confederate President Jefferson Davis (who adopted a black son who was later taken by the Yankees and never heard from again) said, "Truth crushed to the earth is truth still and like a seed will rise again." I believe the time is near when we will gain back everything we lost from the Civil War. I believe the South shouldn't secede, but rather lead America towards a better future. The South is the only one who can lead America out of the darkness that has engulfed it. The South will rise again and save us all.

The point has come where nothing else I could say would change your mind. I could go on for another a thousand pages and you still wouldn't understand if you don't right now. Now it's time for you to do some thinking. Look at both sides of the story. Once you have seriously considered what I have told you and still say I'm wrong, that's fine. Call me a racist, ignorant bigot, Northern traitor, etc. I don't care. I've heard it all before. But that doesn't change the truth. And I know the truth will be triumphant in the end. We're in the middle of the epic battle of good vs. evil. I am confident that good will win. Long live the South!

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