She walks in today
Here's her home-made home
Liberal campus queen
Dreaming in the sheen of the sunlight
Burning bright
Right through the ozone
Oh no

Wearing long-sleeved short-sleeved layers
To keep her warm in sunny weather
Jeans ripped and faded
Aged unaided by machine
"Please Recycle" pleas her shirt in eco-green
Like some environmental sing-song
We're all so wrong not to re-use
Refuse our natural tendencies of freedom at 16
Pulled in by car and key and gasoline

But I see through her hippie verse
Her vegan lips and burlap purse
Past her picket signs for PEACE
Her cries and shouts of "war must cease"
Because it's really more than hugging trees
It's in the way she's being used
Body broken, love abused
Her feminist thoughts a useless cause
To her type of affairs

When the men she bends to
Feed her words of changing the world
Pulling at her shirts and flowing skirts
Letting their lies eat at her eyes
Wide and blue and aching
Not waiting or wanting
Unsatisfied with a simple kiss
Or two
Or ten
No, she wants him in
He goes and flows around her
Bodies moving for days
To the sound of 100 percent natural skin
Natural sin as he leaves her
Crying about her one-night high
Lower than the Seattle underground
Emotions gone to the local Lost and Found

While he's gone
Looking for the next green radical to taste
But don't worry, he's no hypocrite, he won't waste
She not trash to be decayed
He's got tons of hugging-loving friends
Arms wide to lend a hand
Sympathizing and seducing
Loosening her sorrow
With games played in her bed
Shedding all ideals of how she feels
When she wakes up alone

And so the cycle never ends
Like the sort of silverware no one cares about
It's just left out lying around
Going round and round and round
Till one night at the dinner table
He bites and she's unstable
Unable to conserve herself any longer
Converting to the dark side
Sliding down the mountains of garbage
Destined to fade away
Remembered only as the ecological mistake