I see her ribs and say
I want to paint them rainbow
To guide their luminescence into color
Away from the broken glow of light
Of the white I can almost see

Her organs are captors of these prison bars
Smoking with a reddish gleam
Trying to crawl through her spaces
And bulge from her belly
They hate to stay still when she is moving
Dancing in clothes marked
Fragility among the agile

They want to objectify her presence
But she rejects them
Flicks her fingers
Spreading them apart like spider webs
Sticking the glue of her tongue
To the inside of their mouths
While they forget in lull of goodbye
They breathe and crack and sigh
Faces of peace forming small screams
Drifting along the motion of their cheeks

Cramming their fingers between her sides
Stabbed by her protruding elements
Elbows and ankles and knees
Reminders of their gnawing conscience
But she's drugged them into dominant submission
Take her she will take them
Nodding off to sleep between her bones

I see her ribs and say
Regret is for the rest of your life