Black Rose

Bitterness will lead to loneliness
inside ones heart…

Where there is no escape for the darkness
will consume all the bitterness and loneliness
hidden inside ones heart.

Your heart full of both these emotions
will soon make you die inside and wither away.

So your heart will have cease to exist
in you as you slowly fade away
like a shriveled up old, black rose…

So, I don't know why I used Black Rose as a title, but I did anyways. I wrote this when I was depressed or well still am anyways. So this is how I kind of feel inside like my heart is almost black and is about to shrivel up where I will cease to exist... Everyone that surrounds me make me feel so bitter and lonely now... My bitterness lead me to my loneliness so that's how I kind of got the poem going and it all just flowed in like how it is now... Last line in the last part of the poem, I'm not sure how to like um put the commas in there or word it better, but yeah. If you guys have any corrections tell me because this is a rough draft and I just wanted to post it right away... Read and Review please!! Thank you!!