My haircut doesn't mean anything


14th February

I always wondered if I should close this blog, since I spit out my soul here. I mean, yeah, I love all of you guys which are on the other side of the monitor reading all of my ranting and stuff. Yeah, thanks to everyone. Anyway, if anyone noticed I closed my blog leaving several, who actually read this. I mean hell, tons f you will freaking laugh your buts off with what I'll write next. Seriously, I'm not kidding.

Oh, yeah, anyone know who the hell's this FutureMangaka which keeps asking me to open my blog?

Anyone get some popcorn and get ready.

Ok, first of all. All you feminists don't go heavy on me. Yes, I know I've have somewhere around fourteen gals for the past three months. Why? I get bored of them. They're all too the same.

But that was the past Jamie. Yes, you feminists can calm down. But bloody, how the hell did I know that she was dating someone else?

Oh, cool, I got dumped on V-day. Happy V-day everyone!

She freaking comes up to me all innocent and 'Jamie, I found someone else. You never loved me anyway'. How cute.

WHO THE HELL IS HE?! I wanted to strangle that freak.

Oh, yeah, I found it. It's this hell of a kid, which knows 'how not to break Nadine's heart', Nadine's quote. Amazing.

Let's not forget the tiny fact, that I got dumped by holding this gigantic bouquet. I had to buy a whole freaking lollypop stand for her little sister to find out Nadine's fave flowers. Bloody, I even felt something for Nadine.

Ok, more bad news. Well, good news to Liam, since he was laughing all day after I got the haircut. Well, we are two idiots, but when one of us gets dumped we dare each other to do freaky stuff. I've been dumped only, well now twice.

While Liam was thinking what to dare me, this freaky emo kid walks by and gives Liam an idea.

I have to freaking have an emo haircut. He pushed me into the hairsalon, where his sister works and I got trimmed.


Hell, I loved my shoulder length black hair and Liam knew how much I had to sacrifice so I wouldn't have to cut it.

Ok, I look like a freaking emo, I got dumped, by a girl I liked and I'm sitting alone on V-day.

Nothing could be worse.


Claudia: Yes, this is another story. I had this idea lying around a lot and now I've finally made up the plot and everything. Hope you liked it.