21st February

I couldn't sleep. I bloody couldn't. I ended up thinking if I should do something useful instead of just staring at the ceiling if I can't bloody sleep. I even turned the lights on, feeling my eyes adjust themselves to the sudden bright light. But once I turned them on, I had no intention of playing on ps3 let alone surfing the inet (searching for Rikku pics, damn, because of her, I lost).

If I'd have been some creepy blonde haired muscled guy with a sparkling smile, I bet I would have slowly smoked a cig, then a light bulb would appear straightly above my head and ran off to my princess' castle. One I'm not blonde (I'm a black head with an emo haircut, blasted bangs), I don't smoke and three I doubt Clara is the blonde typed girl who run up to jocks and all that.

Nadine and her jock I bet are absolutely like that.

To think of it, I think of her less, I mean, we are classmates after all and every morning I hear 'Sweetie! Muah!' to her jock, that is. As if I care. But hey, I'm just telling the truth aren't I? Right?

I kept staring at the ceiling counting sheep which turned into Spiderman then into Superman, because it's the same and I ended up counting screaming Liams. What did my friend shout? The same as usual, Spiderman is freaking cooler than Superman. Well, at least I fell asleep somewhere around 8 am.

Is that my phone?

I opened one eye (the one which wasn't covered by my bangs) and looked at the clock. 8:30.

Maybe Clara?

I sprung out of bed grabbing my phone, expecting to here her voice.

"Jaaaamieee, look at my cool new avatar! OpenSkypeNowNowNow"

"Hey, you, you alive?"

Yeah, just a sec, I'll turn into an undead, just like Auron from Final Fantasy X.

"Yeah, you immature thing." I muttered turning on my comp, because if I wouldn't see his blasted avatar, I'd get killed by… whatever Spiderman kills with. I yawned rubbing my eyes trying to concentrate and look at his new avatar.

I woke up to see a victory showing Spiderman near his username?

"I see it. Now, lemme sleep-"

"Wait, wait, you like Clara don't you?! I kept up thinking and I figured it out!" Amazing. As if he couldn't tell at whom I was staring at.

Actually at that moment my desire to sleep faded away. I blinked several times and William took that as a yes.

"Yay, I guessed! Sweet dreams, James! Oh, yeah and return my video game." And he hung up.


I can't sleep.

I seriously can't. I've got like Clara printed on my brain and her stupid date with Mr. I love bees. What's his name anyway? Who cares? I mean I bet he sleeps with a plush bee and has bee posters and whatever bee merchandise there is he has it. But hey, he's the winner. That idiot asked her for a date. Then he'll charm her-


Unless, I turn up.

I grabbed my mobile and dialed Liam. I just felt like going to any movie which will start at 7.


Liam kept spinning on my chair as I was ruffling threw my clothes. I kept worrying too much, that I felt as if I didn't sleep a week or even a year.

"Geez, call down." Liam said with a sigh, choosing between two t-shirts. Pfft, look who's talking, under all that 'youlooklikehellJamielookatasupermegahyperme' I know, that he's worrying about something, well someone.

"What the time, spider brain?" I asked putting on something from the pile which Liam found as 'no-no'. Hell with him. I tried breathing deeply, because I found myself worrying and drawing different pictures of Clara and Mr. Bees for life.

I grabbed Liam's wrist and literally nearly yanked his arm off. Clara was always on time and by the looks of it Mr. I wanna marry a bee was too. Good thing that I wasn't very far from where the ideal date was going to be.

Liam keep shouting at me that I was a complete lunatic and that I was out of my mind. He even shouted several stupid proverbs, trying to show that I was insane. Why didn't I realize it sooner? Why was I so stupid?

I guess I said that aloud and Liam only tried to cheer me up, by telling me that I'm a damned heartbreaker and that this is the revenge from anyone I've ever dated. Maybe.


We were early. Not to mention rain started to pour. Liam had his iPod so to annoy me he started humming random songs, which I couldn't even listen to. I kept looking at the rain pouring. We got tickets the straight second we got here. I only begged that we would be sitting next to them, so whenever he'd do a move I'd try to stop the amazingly romantic moment.





"Oh, hey, Clara." Act casual, act casual you fool. Oh, damn, sweet heavens, don't let me glare at Mr. Bee underwear. Ugh, just look at that idiot. Damn, damn. I glared, I freaking glared. Clara looked at me then at Mr. Bee.

"What in the name of humanity are you doing here?" She asked, trying not to sound too snappy. Before I could say some lie like 'nothing' or 'Liam thinks that Spiderman is in every movie, so he dragged me here', she guessed everything.

"James, you're jealous!" There goes the final and true conclusion.


"Of course not! No! I ummm, Liam is dying to watch that new movie with, with… " What movie are we watching anyway? I felt as if my heart was in my throat, beating billions a second and not letting me say anything. My cheeks were so telling the opposite. Never ever make fun of Mr. Bee socks are the best, specially when he's turning into Mr. Tomato. God, I look like Mr. Tomato now.

"I'd feel jealousy then! I absolutely don't feel a thing. I feel completely normal, my pulse is normal. My cheeks are always a red tone if you didn't notice." Liar. I'm such a freaking fat liar.

I wish I would have seriously closed my mouth then. But no, no, I just had to be a stupid lunatic. I feel like banging my head against the wall. Anyway, onwards to the stupidity!

"Even if I'll kiss you, I'll still remain normal!"

I just had to, I just had to, right?

Somebody tell me I'm dreaming and I'm not that stupid.

But damn, I am.

My heart nearly jumped out of my throat, since it happened to be there the last minutes.

What can I say?

I kissed her, I really did. I did it quickly, but simply because then well, my pulse would be over any number known to mankind. So I leaned back.

I wanted to lean back into the kiss, but I didn't. I was expecting a slap or something like that. But Clara never slapped anyone, she could simply raise her voice or mutter curses at you, but never slap.

"I have a date you know. Bye." She said quietly and walked towards the entrance.

They weren't going to kiss. Somehow I felt it. Maybe that's why I pulled Liam's sleeve and walked back home, ignoring his questions.

Why couldn't I realize everything sooner?

Maybe then I'd be holding hands with her and well, I'd simply be with her.


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