I sat on the bed in the hospital waiting for my sister and Kayne, Fang, and Xavier. My arm had been x-rayed and the woman had discussed the issue with the doctor before they left me in peace. I had a lot of thinking to do in that time alone. What was I going to do? I knew that Cassie would want me to stay with Kayne. She would want me to give things a chance. I wasn't sure that I could do that. Even after everything that had happened. He had saved my life, true, but I had run from him...from Cassie. I was afraid. I was still afraid as I sat there uncertain of everyone that I had seen in the past hour I had been at the hospital. So many of them had gold eyes though some of them didn't. I knew what that meant. I was trying not to think about it.

A knock came at the door and as terribly cliche as it sounds, I jumped. I sighed frustrated with myself and called the knocker to enter. It was Fang who stole into the hospital room and smiled at me. "Xavier and your sister are coaxing Kayne into the hospital," he explained. "They'll be here in a few minutes. I just wanted to come ahead and well...I wanted to ask you to give Kayne a chance." I sighed and started to shake my head but Fang raised a hand. "Hear me out," he pleaded.

I considered that. Did I even want to hear a reason to give Kayne a chance? Not particularly, but I also knew that I owed all three of them and their...friends. (I couldn't call them a pack. That would be like admitting what I still didn't want to believe.) "Alright," I conceded with a sigh.

Fang looked around as if he was making sure that we were alone before he sat int he chair next to my bed and seemed to consider where to begin. "Kayne's a good guy. I know a lot of people would say that about their brother, but when it comes to Kayne...he's special in another way. It has nothing to do with what we are. Kayne, he works really hard. He was kinda like our alpha for a long time. And it might not seem like it, but if you ask him, Kayne will give you up. The thing you don't realize though is how much that will kill him. Growing up we would watch our parents together. They were moon mates, perfect matches. Kayne, more than any of us always wanted that. But he won't make you either. It's the kind of person he is. Consider that...please."