Just a random short story about some of the characters I've made up

Just a random short story about some of the characters I've made up.


"Hi. My name is Dottiedie. I like prune cake and coffee." A girl with half brown and half blond hair started talking to me while I was on my morning walk.

"That's nice," I said, smiling politely. Dottiedie walked next to me.

"What's your name?" Dottiedie asked. I stopped walking and looked at her.

"Tilly," I lied.

"It's very nice to meet you, Tilly!" Dottiedie exclaimed, grabbing my hand and shaking it roughly. "Will you be my friend? I haven't gotten a new friend yet today. I try to get a new friend every day of the year. Will you be my May twenty-ninth friend?"


"Oh, here's my house! Come inside and meet my other friends! I don't have very many yet because I just stopped being a hermit last week," Dottiedie stated.

I thought for a minute. Is this girl safe? She seems mentally sick. But… she's only, what, nine years old?

I followed Dottiedie into her house. There was a group of… unique-looking people in her living room.

"Friends, this is Tilly. I think I'm going to call her Silly Tilly; it sounds silly!" Dottiedie giggled. "Silly Tilly, these are my friends Defrie D'Beans, Refrie D'Beans, Kiki, Simun, Dolores, Jimmy Overlap-Turnover, and Brenda Tootie."

I shook hands with Brenda Tootie, who burped in my face. Pleasant greeting! As soon as I turned around to face Jimmy Overlap-Turnover, he jumped forward and grunted loudly. I took a step back, a bit afraid of this guy. He had an evil grin on his face as he shook my hand.

"Hello, Silly Tilly!" Dolores greeted me in a high-pitched, slightly nasal voice. She hugged me before shoving a flyer in my face. "I have rallies every weekend, and I'd love it if you came on Saturday! We're trying to get people to feed the butterflies! You don't want to miss it! Ok, I'm done now."

I slowly took the flyer and turned to Dolores's brother Simun.

"What's happening?" Simun smiled at shook my hand warmly.

I smiled back at him and turned to Kiki, who was obviously Simun and Dolores's sister. Kiki didn't say anything, but she gave me an interesting smile and stiff wave. I tried to imitate the wave, but I guess I did it wrong because Kiki frowned at me.

"Kiki not happy," she growled. Her face was turning red. "Kiki mad!"

"Sorry," I apologized.

"I'm Defrie D'Beans, and this is my brother Refrie D'Beans. You can call us Defrie and Refrie," Defrie said, taking off his over-sized sunglasses and firmly shaking my hand.

"We have a band with our younger brother Jefrie D'Beans. The D'Beans Brothers!" Refrie said in an announcer's voice.

"Some people say we're the new Jonas Brothers," Defrie informed me. "We have a sound unlike anyone else's. And we have good looks, of course! I mean, if people like Nick Jonas's curly 'fro, they'll love my spiky 'fro and Refrie's buzz cut!"

"Don't forget Jefrie's Y-hair!" Refrie added. I looked at him with a confused expression. He leaned over to me and whispered, "His hair sticks up diagonally on the sides, so it looks like the letter Y."

"Cool," I said.

"No, not cool," Defrie said, climbing on top of a piano in one corner of the room and striking a pose. "Hot. Smokin' hot!"

"We'd better show her, Defrie!" Refrie shouted enthusiastically. He grabbed a guitar and slung it over his shoulder.

"JEFRIE!!" Defrie called, sitting down at the piano.

"Five, six, seven, eight!" Refrie yelled.

Refrie and Defrie started playing their instruments. A boy, who I assumed was Jefrie D'Beans, jumped off the stair landing and started singing.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, let's go and have some fun now!" Jefrie sang.

"Sho-be-do-ap! Sho-be-do-ap!" Refrie and Defrie harmonized perfectly.

"Oh, oh, oh, let's sing out loud and strong now!" Jefrie continued.

"Wee-be-dee-ooh! Wee-be-dee-ooh!" Refrie and Defrie sang.

As they finished their line, a Tasmanian devil came running into the room. It stopped right in front of Refrie, who screamed like a girl. The animal bit his left ankle, and green blood oozed out. The Tasmanian devil bared its teeth. I noticed that, in place of teeth, it had tiny ice cream cones growing from its gums.

"Gruntz! You naughty creature!" Dottiedie scolded, grabbing the animal by its tail to prevent it from causing any more injuries. "What have I told you about behaving around my friends? I don't want you turning another innocent person into a pistachio ice cream cone!"

Ding dong! The doorbell rang. Gruntz ran off to another room toward the back of the house, and Dottiedie swung the door open.

"Hello, my name is Ruth Less. I heard a scream come from this house, and I could help wondering if someone was hurt," a girl holding a covered plate said.

"Yes, my May twenty-third friend got bit by my pet Tasmanian Devil," Dottiedie said, yanking Ruth Less through the door.

"Oh my," Ruth Less gasped. She ripped the cover off of the plate, stabbed a plastic fork into a piece of cake, and shoved the fork into Refrie's mouth. "Here. This will make it all better. It's my Magical-Tragical prune cake. It's magical cake for tragical occasions!"

As soon as Refrie swallowed the cake, the green blood disappeared from his ankle, and it was good as new! He hugged Ruth Less very hard.

"Thank you so much! I'm so happy now! This calls for a song!" Refrie jumped up, and the music started again.

"Magical Tragical Prune cake!" Jefrie started.

"It makes your boo-boos better," Refrie continued.

"It's no mistake!" Jefrie rhymed with his first line.

"Just drink water to make it wetter!" Defrie sang. We gave him a weird look, but he finished the song with his brothers.

"Ooh, ooh, ooh, yeah! Magical Tragical Prune Cake!"


Weird, I know, but I was really bored and in a really weird mood, so this is what I came up with. I'm going to some more Dottiedie stories if people are interested.

I understand that not everybody likes my writing, but please try to be nice in your reviews.

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