So these hopes
of ours have jagged outwards
half formed, i'll like to bury them
a mountain of snapshots into the deep blue
of my mind, away. My need to forget
i dream too much
sighs, do you want to reach for the stars?

It is a sad and difficult journey

they tell me they don't believe in me
and i'll never make it.
i want to bottle this insecurities
and smash them at midnight
when i count to ten
and allow myself to breathe again
because, at night
nobody fixes the boundaries
and i am whoever i want to be.

collision course when i hold
failure with bare hands.
smiles crawl upwards, siphoning
my shades of optimism
falling apart times two
like crazy empty circles
and dreams that hold nothing
and emptiness that kills you
beause these days
i'm feeling like an amputee,
a body without her soul.