Raindrops create traces of humanity

Each drop like a speck of dried blood on canvas

I don't know everything

But what I do know boils the water within

Lets the steam of your visions fill my nostrils

I try to make sense out of your nothings.

When I say nothings, I don't mean that there's no substance

But instead, it all seems like things that you are above

Yet you dip the shovel down like the rest

Keep digging, keep digging

Until China feels like a hometown

You speak of running

Yet that's hard to do when your shoes are tied together

I'll communicate with you in poetic diatribe

Even if you say you're not going to write poetry anymore

It's a shame really

You have a way of dancing with your words until dawn

Yet for all your words on paper

You have so very few for me

Just words that tell me to stay away

Even though I did nothing wrong

Call me when you figure out that Rubex paradox.

I have my theories about you

But I don't rely on them like I used to

I just sigh, its easier to do

You have no idea how much I wanted a story with you

Romance, passion, and laughter

That thing you seem to be tired of

Don't be solemn

Tears crystalizing on your face.

You speak of something called "the day"

I can't lie, I would give you that and so much more

I've give you a cove away from the past

We could run along the beach like children making sand castles

Feel the waves at our feet

And fog up the atmosphere with our kisses.

You're beautiful and strange

Your mystery will intrigue me way past the sequels

I keep peeking at the chapters before I even get there

I love you, I love you, I love you

I'll repeat it until you get the hint

Until its a melody in your ears.