Why elope with light bulbs
When sunlight soaks so sweetly into my teeth
Blistering the insides of my cheeks
Until my pinks are red and white
Slightly burning and free against my swollen tongue
Impregnated with the expectations of noise
Dripping off my chin in sticky golden loops
Like nooses and gypsy earrings
Strangling my words into beautiful musical compilations
Because I gave my body over to the sun
And made love to its arms and legs
Drawing pictures of the ocean on its secret places
Hidden virgin havens awaiting me
I the entrant and it's tickling fickle illusions my doorway
Like candles and fires that foam up against the treetops
Creeping along their branches while they shiver
Is it pain or ecstasy we wonder
Like children trying to decode an adult language
The word will never know
But I softly blow my gritty song
Out of my soul and onto the flames so they'll grow
Higher and higher and soon I'm wired
With the newness of electric chemistry
Reacting inside of me
Blue and molten and boiling
Beneath my skin with a feverish glow
Crawling under my knuckles and knees
Playing my parts like piano keys
A beautiful hatred of humanity spilling off the edges
And a love that gets mangled as it tangles in my hair
Like the trees I don't care anymore
I want more
To kiss and lust with empty sunshine
Filling my bottles with spaces in between things
The vacant lonely feeling welled up inside of me
And I weep
Hollowed out tears until the sun leaves me
Frozen against wet and sheets

Yes, why elope with light bulbs
Though they'll never leave
They're such a waste of electricity