Eyes newborn and filled with cold tea
Soft holes of ice floating in the middle
Someday these eyes will burn
And debris will cling to their inside edges
Landfill fumes flowing out of Eden
But not now

As they pray silently into my skin
Sensitive to my touch
Not sensitive to my sin
Pure and briefly innocent
In the ways that won't matter

When bones grow and the body is molded
Into something new yet old
You'll think no one in the world could change
In the ways these limbs have
Or any other muscles be braided beneath fat
Not like this

But it proves that ignorance is bliss
Green shadows floating behind us and curling
Making paintings from our hair
Not caring that they're laughing at the sex scenes
Photographed behind our backs

Tomorrow these eyes will turn around
And the earth will grope them with its fingertips
Pulling out the vines and naked thoughts
Trimming down to the tongue
Until they're blind with knowledge
All the things they'll never know
Simply because they do

For now I caress them
Fondly sipping on their bright emptiness
Waiting and wanting to be filled
Never will I be so vacant again