We had a sub in Advanced Composition on Friday. I don't know where my teacher was, or even that she'd be gone (and in your senior year, you sometimes know when a teachers going to be gone). We had Mr. G. And actually, I had him the day before, subbing for Chem.

He gave us our journal prompt: you've just gotten a box… what's inside it?

And the first thing that popped into my mind? A severed head. I mean, totally me, right? Complete CSI geek that I am, I want to get a severed head so people can come and investigate it and I can ask all the questions that I have.

It is a bit gruesome, but whatever – it's completely me.

But guess what? It's not what I wrote about in my journal. I think I actually wrote about getting a box filled with DVD's, computer games, movies, and TV shows on DVD. I had all the Sims2 games I don't already have and the new CSI games I don't have yet. I asked for movies I've wanted to see and all seven seasons of CSI on DVD and a gift certificate for the eighth season when it comes out.

I mean, its cool and all – but it wasn't my severed head. I was kind of disappointed in myself and totally and completely freaked out when Mr. G started going around the classroom asking people what was in their box. So freaked out, in fact, that I forgot what I had written about and actually said the severed head.

God, I can't believe I did that!

I showed him the CSI book I was trying to finish before class started and said I was into CSI. He just kept repeating, "A severed head?" a few times.

But you've got to admit, getting a severed head would be pretty cool – if you're a CSI fan. I mean, just think about it! An actual Grissom or Nick or Greg or Catherine coming and investigating the head, asking me questions – maybe even being a suspect. I'd be innocent, of course – why the hell would I have sent myself the head and been surprised when I opened it?

Sure. I'd probably throw up when I saw the head and feel sick and scared and probably throw up again. I'd call the police and, more likely than not, throw up again. But around after that third time or so, I think I'd be pretty much over the shock. I'd be starting to get excited. "A severed head? Really!? For me?!"

Dude – I think I'd actually take that severed head over all the CSI and Sims2 stuff. I think I would, but I'm not one hundred percent positive. If I know I'd meet a Grissom or Nick or Greg or Catherine, I so know I'd pick it!