The Product of the Company We Keep

The prototype is ready for production,
The lastest in a line for mass consumption.
Ten years on the drawing board and now its time has come.
Market me the right way and you'll buy me just for fun.

I am not a name, I'm just a number.
Branded with the mark upon my brow,
Bred to slave away in some resemblance
Of profit to society- I have no freedom now.

Minds idled by lack of imagination,
Life is rendered sterile with stagnation.
"I don't care how well it works as long as I get by,
So prop it up and poop it out and hang it out to dry."

Once I was a man and lived my ordinary life
Trusted in my country's laws though I became another pawn
Took the good and bad together for security
Until I woke one day and found my rights were finally gone.

Visions never came, no sound of silence in my brain
The people stopped and stared, but carried out their dreary tasks,
Endless repetion of mistakes mankind has made.
A path to progress, we are lost but no one left to ask.


Never mind the lack of sleep, I'm better off without,
Working 'til the tax man calls so I can pay my share.
Is it any wonder where the money disappears
When there is no bottom to the depths of dark despair?

Cast into a pit of ultra-sensitivity,
We are more alike than anyone will ever know.
Everyone's offended, but you'd best not rock the boat
Or else the captain's overboard, and he keeps us afloat.

Maybe I will have a dream, where men are truly free
Irrespective of the circumstances of their birth.
For now we're only equal in the way we have to die
Faded and forgotten with the turning of the Earth.

The product was recalled, a situation
Arose beyond our control or moderation.
It was our hope to make a fortune from our master plan
But now it's time is passed, the model of the future man.