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"Brian…pssstt! Brian, get your fat Aussie ass over here! Brian!"

"Oy, what mate? Can't you see I –"

"I want Jason."

Brian faltered at David's blunt statement. He stared wide-eyed and slack-jawed at David's anxious, nearly bloodthirsty expression, before gathering his senses, because fuck…isn't that the truth.

Who didn't want the effeminate brunette? With those blue eyes, like a slice of Heaven's azure sky, and lips like ripe strawberries, and skin that looked like gold and was hot like the sun and tasted sweeter than chocolate, whose dark hair tumbled to his shoulders like a silken river, and whose overall beauty surpassed the most beautiful angel. Perfection.

"Well howdy do, same here, Mr. Engle. How does rape sound to you?" Brian whispered with a pedophilic little growl, pulling David over to the couch, both their eyes trained on the adorably oblivious Jason, strumming away serenely at his acoustic in the corner of the practice space.

"Aussie, shut the fuck up, I'm serious. I want to fuck him so bad. My dick gets hard simply seeing his pretty face, and that ass, and nngh, and –" David whined, but was cut off by Brian's evil smirk.

"I'm serious too, David." Brian laid his hand on David's thigh, pressing against him as close and sensually as he could without raising eyebrows. He laid his lips right next to David's ear. "Now listen very carefully. Wouldn't your pretty little Jason look delicious in handcuffs? " Brian whispered silkily. "Can't you just imagine it Dave, Jason's delicate little wrists chained to your headboard, that fragile, beautiful little body completely at your mercy? The rough metal tearing into his precious skin, leaving little marks you can kiss better in the morning…"

David's eyes fluttered shut, a shiver ripping up his spine and coursing through his body like the most delicious electricity. "Yes, oh God yes…" David all but whimpered.

"Well let's do it then. I have handcuffs of course, which I will supply, on one condition."

"What?" David hissed, with a desperate, keening note edging his voice.

"I get to participate."


Jason slid the door open, guitar in hand, withdrawing the keys from his mouth and tossing them to the dresser. "David? Dave, you here? Why're the lights off…"

There was a thick pause, before a voice drawled in his ear: "It's all part of the game, little Jason."

A gasp expelled from Jason's lips and he backed frantically into the door. "W-wha-"

He felt a hand on his hip, pinning him to the door, fingers digging into the sensitive skin hard enough to leave bruises. Another hand slid around and captured his wrists with a fist.

"David…?" Jason whimpered. It was dark, but the beams of moonlight caught the figure at exactly the right moment and he was able to somewhat decipher a David-shaped figure.

His quiet plea wasn't answered. Instead, he felt something course sliding against his skin, knotting itself around his wrists and tying tightly. He whimpered again and struggled against his bonds. "David…?" He tried again, his voice no more than a plaintive whisper.

"It's 'sir' to you," a voice whispered from his left and Jason gasped pitifully, bewildered. It was clear though now that there were more than two figures.

And then he was being dragged by his wrists and thrown onto a bed. He stumbled gracelessly behind his captor, tugged forward by the rope and then thrown roughly to the bed, where he landed, sprawled and vulnerable, on his knees. He could feel the rope being tied somewhere, because his wrist were now completely immobile, and he wondered vaguely why he wasn't putting up more of a fight.

"Brian!" A whispered hiss pierced the frightening silence.

"What?" Jason definitely heard an Australian accent.

"I can't see him with the lights off, I really want be able to see him…" And that was definitely a certain David who Jason just so happened to be harboring a huge crush on. The breath hitched in his throat and goose bumps erupted across his skin.


The lights sprung on, dimly though, to maintain the mood as well as possible. Jason nearly choked.

It was David, looking sexier than ever and twirling handcuffs around his index finger. And Brian Hannigan was here too, wearing an evil smirk, and not much else.

"Hey, Jason," David whispered, stepping forward and petting Jason's cheek, who, to his own embarrassment, leaned into the touch, sweetly passive.

David kissed the boy lightly, this beautiful boy who he'd been craving for so long, and now here he was, his every filthy fantasy and wet dream in the flesh. His hands raked down Jason's sides, admiring the trembling that assaulted the captive boy. He kissed him again.

"I'm gonna do so many beautiful things to you tonight, Jason. It'll blow your mind," he whispered, stroking Jason's hair as he stared up at David with those tortured, achingly beautiful blue eyes. "I'm gonna decorate your little body so pretty." And with that, he tore of Jason's clothing, discarded the shredded fabric on the floor. Jason whimpered a little in protest because well, he liked that shirt, but then a David this sexy and aggressive was too good to waste.

Before Jason could even take a breath, the hand that was petting his hair so sweetly curled into a fist and tugged him down, pulling him onto his back on the bed, while David climbed on top of him. His tongue slid roughly between Jason's pliant, pink lips, forcefully exploring every inch of this sinfully sweet cavern he'd been dying to taste since the first day he'd laid eyes on Jason.

As Jason's mouth was being raped, and his wrists bruising under both the rough chafing of the rope and David's strong grip, he thought he didn't really mind this rough treatment. It was an experimentation, and it was too early in the game to decide how into he really was, but a little masochistic experimenting never hurt anyone. He whimpered and moaned painfully into David's mouth, just for kicks. David squeezed a little tighter on his wrists, pulled a little tighter on his hair, and the way Jason's heart stuttered made him think that maybe all this wasn't such a terrible thing.

David withdrew and waved Brian over, who set down the video camera ('Video camera?' Jason thought frantically. 'Since when was there a video camera?!') and took his hand out of his pants. "Handcuffs," David barked roughly, his voice still hoarse and breathless from the intoxicating flavor that was Jason Felix.

Michel tossed them to David and crawled to the other side of the bed, dragging the helpless Jason up by his wrists. David took Jason's wrists into his hands and untied the rope. A sadistic growl licked the roof of David's mouth. Jason already had little red sores adorning his frail wrists, one of which was even bleeding. David raised it to his mouth, licking the sweet blood from Jason's hot skin.

The exhilarating way in which pleasure mingled with pain heightened Jason's senses to the point that every bare caress of skin, every lick of flesh, every white-knuckled grip on his fragile bones, felt as heart-stopping as death and has invigorating as an awakening. It was thrilling, and it was new, and it was beautiful.

A handcuff, startling frigid against Jason's bare, pulsing hot skin, snapped around Jason's left wrist, slid around the headboard, and then snapped around his right, successfully rendering him completely helpless to David and Brian's whims, whatever they may be.

"P-please, sir…" Jason whimpered pleadingly, staring up at David with those innocent puppy eyes, so blue and so pretty.

"Please sir, what?" David whispered, hard and rough and God, was it sexy.

"Please, I – I'm," Jason stuttered a bit, out of nerves and well, he wasn't too experienced at these sorts of things, and he wasn't sure quite how to say it. " 'M so hard, sir. Real, real hard. Please, just, help me or somethin', sir, please," Jason begged.

Jason could practically see the little finger-shaped bruises that he would find on his hips the next morning, with David's grip that tight. He whimpered as David leaned into his right ear real close. "So what you're saying boy is that your pleasure is more important than mine?"

"N-no- "

"I heard that, too," whispered Brian, from his left.

Jason bit down on his trembling lip, these beautiful, strong men pressed so close to him. He licked his lips and stammered softly, "Wh-what would you like me to do, sir?"

"First you gonna tell me what you are."

"What I – what I am?"


Jason swallowed hard, and David's eyes greedily traced the movement of his adam's apple beneath the warm, golden skin. "I-I don' know, sir. I'm whatever you want me to be."

It was David's turn to swallow now, because seriously, fuck. He hadn't thought Jason's answer would be quite so perfect, he didn't think any of this would play out like he wanted but then, here he was.

"Say 'David, I'm your bitch.'"

Jason lowered his eyes and tried to fight the shiver that ran through him when David spoke those words, in that tone, with that dangerous glint in his eye that made him feel so frightened yet so alive.

"David, I'm your bitch," Jason whispered, and David had to grant him a kiss for that. He really was such a good boy.

And then David made some sort of gesture towards Hannigan, who then proceeded to, completely without warning, slip his cock into Jason's mouth. His eyes fell shut as Jason whimpered against the offending piece of flesh, sending vibrations up and down Brian's length. "Suck it, bitch," Brian growled, pulling on Jason's hair with an aggression that even David hadn't used yet. Jason stared up at him with those anguished blue eyes, but did as he was told nonetheless. Brian was big, and Jason struggled, and didn't have much say in how the sucking would go about, as Brian was basically tugging Jason's hair to drag that hot, submissive mouth wherever he pleased.

With one final stroke down the underside of Brian's shaft, Brian erupted into Jason's awaiting mouth. The harsh grip that Brian had on poor Jason's hair only allowed him one option, and that was to swallow.

Meanwhile, David's eyes never left his Jason's beautiful face, Brian's cock sliding in and out of those tempting red lips. He didn't even process his own hand shoving into his pants and grasping his cock.

As Brian roughly clutched Jason's face, placing a bruising kiss on those abused lips, David shoved him away. Brian looked sexy like this, feisty and sated, so David replaced Jason's lips with his own, and took Brian's wrists into his hand, just so he knew who was boss. Brian may have been on a power trip now, but David was the one who allowed him to use Jason, his Jason, in the first place. Brian responded to the kiss eagerly, his arms, so toned and sinewy and perfect, sliding around David's shoulders. David used his other hand to grip Brian's prominent hips.

"Sir?" A soft voice beckoned imploringly. David disentangled himself from Brian and returned to his beautiful boy, still lying so powerless on the bed. He kissed Jason hard, but not in a bruising manner, just saturated in passion, attempting to translate every soft word of comfort, every heart-thumping emotion, just everything, into this kiss. Jason struggled against his bonds, aching to feel this man beneath his fingertips, and David could sense this, but would not allow it quite yet.

First his fingers found Jason's pretty cock, and teased it slowly. Jason remained docile, his eyelashes fluttering shut, creating the sweetest shadows on his cheeks. He slid his hand up and down Jason's length. Meanwhile, Brian came up behind David and finished off the hard-on that had built up when David had watched Jason blowing Brian.

Jason and David came in unison, a harmony of spewing white liquid and flushed cheeks and whitened knuckles. Jason slumped breathlessly against his bonds, gazing loving up at David.

"Thank you, sir," he whispered, lightly kissing David's fingers, which were lazing caressing his cheek.

David stared breathlessly at his Jason, what a sight to behold. He kissed his lips while his fingers worked to unchained Jason's wrists. Once they were freed, he pressed gentle little butterfly kisses to the sweet, bloodied skin.

"It was my pleasure," David said lovingly, and a goofy little laugh escaped Jason's throat, he couldn't help it. All of this was just so strange and beautiful. "It really and truly was."

"Hmmm. We should experiment like this more often, Davey," Jason remarked with a little grin. "Oh, whoops."

Jason giggled and David looked at him, amused, still absent-mindedly stroking his hair.

"I meant to call you sir."