A/N: I realize this a lot fluffier than the other two, and I hope that's okay. I was in a fluffy sort of mood...I guess it kinda just came out. However, it's still pretty damn kinky, I think so at least. And this is one is just Jason/David...no Brian this time. Anyways, hope ya'll like, and feedback is always appreciated.

.Sex Toys.

It all started with that fucking paper bag.

It was just your ordinary brown paper bag, absent of a logo. Jason was glad the bag itself was so ambiguous, because the item tucked safely inside of it was something he would rather keep private. If there was a logo for a sex shop slapped on the outside, well. That might be a bit difficult, seeing as how his only roommate, David, salivated at any mention of the word "sex." Poor horny, closeted bastard.

And Jason was so freaked about buying it in the first place. He still wasn't exactly sure why he did, except for a culmination of minuscule things, like itching curiosity and seeing David naked that one time. Besides, he'd always been a little bit gay in his head. The thought of vagina made him giggle, and not in the good way, and he'd always thought boobs were kind of overrated. Plus, he really liked being naked. With other guys around, that were also…naked.

So when curiosity finally grabbed him by the throat, he threw on his biggest, queerest sunglasses and scurried over to the nearest "Sex Planet" or whatnot, and he bought the damn thing. And now, now all it did was stare at him, that fucking brown bag in the corner of the room.

It had been a week now. He'd only used it once. Fuck, he could hear David jacking off on the other side of the door, and yeah. It made him feel really strange, listening to David that night. He could feel his blood boiling, burning his insides but his skin erupted in goose bumps, spurred by periodic shivers that rippled from his spine to the calloused tips of his fingers. He wasn't sure if he liked the feeling or not, so he focused on the brown bag. Which was either mental or brilliant, considering your interpretation. Needless to say, that night found a certain Jason Felix in the bathroom with his brown paper bag, working to the ambiance of David's hushed moans on the other side of the door and his own gasps, an extraordinary myriad of choked splutters, pain, and euphoria.

The next morning arrived with no disturbances of their established routine: Jason stumbled to the kitchen in his beloved purple bathrobe, David cooked him breakfast, handing it to him with that thigh graze that lingered a touch too long, took a cab to the work, came back to the apartment, dinner, and bed. David made some fancy pasta thing and Jason busted on David's dancing skills and they talked about nonsensical things and that was that. He skipped off to his room to prepare for bed, and fuck.

The bag was gone.

And Jason's insides were paralyzed with terror. It should have been nestled in that little corner beside his extra underwear stash and Bible Jason liked to contradict himself and IT WAS. NOT. THERE. He rampaged through the closet, tossing aside hippie flip flops and tight pants and nothing. There was no brown bag. He dropped to his knees by the bed and foraged desperately beneath all his blankies and squishy pillows and stray CDs. Still no bag. Twenty minutes later found a ransacked hotel room, a breathless Jason, frustration-induced sweat trickling from his forehead, and a smirking David Engle leaning against the door frame.

"Whatcha doing, Felix?"

Jason was lying sprawled on the floor, pulling at the skin beneath his eyes with his fingers and making faces at the ceiling. His arms flailed and eyes sprung to the owner of the voice, frowning at the smirk on David's lips that bled into his voice.

"I was lookin' for something," Jason said shortly and rolled onto his stomach, slowly rising to his feet, stepping back in minor alarm when David came forward, a predatory gleam darkening his already too-intense eyes.

"What?" David asked with a disconcerting, all-knowing smile. The backs of Jason's knees collided with the bed.

"Uh – underwear," Jason said dumbly, blush inflaming his cheeks as David invaded his bubble, hips brushing against each other and leaving Jason short of breath.

"No you weren't." David said, but it wasn't so much an accusation and it was just a matter-of-fact statement, but it contracted the fire in his eyes, and Jason really wished he had more control over his body functions, as little tremors danced over his skin. Jason's back hit the bed, but not before David's hand smoothly cupped behind Jason's head, catching the fall. And this led them to an extremely compromising position: A dumbstruck Jason pinned to the bed by a lust-driven David with extremely elusive intentions.

They remained that way for all of ten seconds, lust and confusion bouncing between passionate gray and breathtaking blue, puffs of breath mingling in the midst of their parted lips. But Jason never was one much for patience, and he shyly lifted his chin to press his lips to David's. His insecurity vanished when he felt David's finger hook gently beneath his chin, urging the kiss forward.

There was something so sexy in all this restrained emotion. It was clear to Jason that David basically wanted to rip all their clothes off, but instead his touches were indulgent and sweet, rough fingertips barely tickling the faint hairs on Jason's arms as they danced down to the bottom edge of his button-down. One-by-one, David slowly removed Jason's shirt, his lips never straying too far from Jason's, only departing to softly suckle at his jaw of the beginning slope of his neck. Every movement was slow and sensual, and Jason could do nothing but lay back and enjoy the lavish treatment. Within moments, Jason's flawless torso was completely revealed to David, the beauty of which he reveled in with a wide smile.

David enjoyed the beauty of Jason's body the only way he knew how, shamelessly dragging his lips along the golden flesh of his chest, entrapping pink nipples between his teeth, all while his hands carefully removed the remainder of Jason's clothing. And Jason allowed all this to happen – how the fuck could he not – and the end result was a very satisfied David Engle, smiling down at the object of his affection, completely exposed to his whims.

He dipped his head to capture Jason's mouth in a heart-thumping lip lock, distinguishably less soft than their previous kisses. His lips trailed over Jason's cheek, tracing the contours of his face, pausing when he reached Jason's ear. He placed one hand directly over Jason's heart, and his other reached beside the bed, wrestling inside of a brown paper bag. Jason heard the rustle of movement and dazedly attempted to sit up, but David's fingers dug into his chest, a silent warning, and Jason flopped back down, reddening his bottom lip beneath the worried pressure of his teeth.

"Were you looking for this, Jay?" And all of a sudden, there was David, voice pressed against his ear and his lips and sliding down his throat and wrapping around his heart, crawling and sinking into his mind. His eyes still weren't open, but he could feel it, something hard and cold and aching with familiarity. The long object trailed down his body, resting against his thighs. Jason's eyes peeked open, barely catching a glimpse of David's lust-shaded grey eyes, staring into his own with maddening intensity, before he caught sight of - oh fuck.

That pink fucking dildo from that brown paper bag.

A victorious smile pulled at David's mouth as his eyes devoured Jason's reaction – the slack of his jaw, cerulean eyes widened to impossible proportions and the delicious flush that settled over his cheeks. David's fingers entangled in Jason's hair, holding him close as he whispered, "You really need to work on your hiding skills, little Jason."

"I – I guess so. Yeah…" Jason whispered, unable to tear his gaze away from the intoxicating depths of David's eyes.

And then the toy was just barely grazing his entrance. Apparently David came prepared, because he could feel its wetness. David pressed just the slightest bit harder, his mouth latching itself to Jason's sensitive throat. "May I?" he whispered, his teeth catching on Jason's skin, but the question trickled to Jason's ear and left his heart pounding against his ribs.

"You have to ask?" Jason knew he sounded like a complete whore, but he didn't care. He bought the damn thing after all and in some special place deep down, he knew this is what he always hoped would happen.

So David slid the dildo in slowly, his mouth capturing every sweet moan of pleasure-sprinkled pain that expelled from Jason's lips. He pulled out carefully, and then slipped it back inside, building a steady rhythm with the toy, its thrusts in tune with Jason's gasps of bliss.

As Jason nibbled at David's neck, David carefully replaced the toy with his own rock-hard length. Jason's eyes sprung open at the sudden change of texture, but he was well prepared, and greeted the welcome change with more fervent kisses to David's collarbone.

David's fingers curled roughly in Jason's dreads, exposing the boy's tempting neck, which he nibbled at appreciatively. Shadows left in the midst of Jason's eyelashes danced on his cheeks as they fluttered in euphoria – David hit his spot on every thrust, and he came violently into David's awaiting hand with a cry of David's name.

That was all it took. David's name dragged from this beautiful boy's lips like that could bring anyone to orgasm. His come spilled into the boy whilst he offered feverish kisses to every inch of vulnerable skin. They remained in that position for a few lingering moments, Jason's pulse settling around him, the feel of his soft hair curled in David's fingers, David's sweat-laden flesh graced with the kiss of Jason's fingertips.

David pulled out finally and collapsed next to Jason on the bed, absent-mindedly playing with the boy's dreads. He turned on his side and smiled. "So, a pink dildo, huh?"

Jason didn't feel it necessary to blush. "Well, I'd already come to terms with m' gayness. Why not go all out?" Goofy laugh and all.

David laughed and pressed a little bit closer, almost spooning him. "Okay. Well, what if I said I could be your new pink dildo?" He pressed a tentative kiss to Jason's shoulder, to which Jason promptly turned on his side and rolled onto David's lap, straddling him with a playful growl and a kiss to his lips.

"I think I'd like that, Dave," he whispered between kisses. "Think I'd like that a lot."