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Black was aware he was awake and had been for some time though he wanted to sleep more. Sunlight streamed through his window, so damn bright it was vulgar. He had a magic hangover. It was so worth it, though. He remembered last night with Pine. A smug smile played on his lips. She had left sometime earlier, in case Gray found out they'd been using sex magic. Technically that could be considered rape. Plus Black was pretty sure Gray was jealous of his ability to perform Wicca and his considerable knowledge of Voodoo.

He sighed and slung his legs over the side of his bed, muttering a small cleaning spell. He wasn't in the mood for a shower. He yanked on a pair of dark jeans ripped in various places, then a black shirt that said 'Game Over' in the Saw logo font.

His silver pentagram necklace was hidden beneath his shirt, and few ever really saw it. Black wasn't the type to wear jewelry. He also thought any guy who'd willingly wear eye liner or pink was gay. He thought of several in Light Dorm, and grinned. Hell, all of them were pussies. There dorm leader, Leopard, was the cause. Come to think of it, Snow was the only good dorm leader they'd had in a while. Though he'd died before Black's time, Black knew they would have gotten along.

He walked to the door which opened without a touch. Magic owned. He found Pine in the hallway, her lovely brown hair was shower damp and warm. She draped herself over Black. He wrapped an arm around her waist and brushed his lips across hers. "Morning, baby. Sleep well?"

"You mean when I did sleep, right?" She grinned sexily, almost purring.

"Bad girl." Black teased, continuing his way down the hall.

"Hell yeah." Pine laughed gently, amber eyes glowing with love. "I love you, Black. You know that, right?"

"No, actually. I thought you loved Timber."

"That's perverted A. And B I hate that girl."

Black grinned, opened his mouth to say something and a long, low groan cut him off. The second they turned a corner, they found out what exactly it was. Feral had Dark pinned to the wall, splattered with Dark's virgin blood. Both were too involved in each other to notice Black and Pine, half running past them.

"That's disgusting." Pine growled, lips curled back in disgust. She was referring to the fact Dark was supposed to remain celibate. Indefinitely. Marriage was out too. Aside from the fact Feral and Shade had a thing with each other. Obviously it was more than sex between them. So why in the names of all the freaking gods and goddesses was he mucking that up?

Black grunted. Not agreeing or disagreeing. He had a habit of over-thinking things, besides, Feral was his best friend. How the hell could he let him ruin his life?

The Cafeteria was empty. Shocker. Black sighed and made his way over to the coffee machine. Magic could do a lot, but make coffee worth keeping down was not one of them. The stuff looked like the end result of something a baby ate. Smelled just as bad. In fact, Black doubted it was actually coffee.

He shoved a cup underneath it and pressed a button. He picked hickory flavored, out of sheer randomness. Pine got hazelnut, looking slightly concerned at Black's mental health, her head cocked to one side. "You okay, love?" She asked him.

He gave a small smile- cold and humorless. "Fine, just thinking too hard."

"Well, don't pop a blood vessel in your brain. I have better plans for all that blood." Pine teased half-heartedly. There was no use actually getting a conversation out of the man when he was like this. None at all.

She glanced around. "Where is everyone? Did they die or something?" A teacher at least should be there, making sure no one was doing something terribly illegal.

There was a wet thud and Pine turned, Black's icy blue eyes were round and the coffee cup lolled lazily on the ground, it's boiling contents splattering the generic white speckled linoleum. Now she was really worried. "Black? Earth to Black; we need you to answer here."

"Last night…" He breathed. Close the door, we don't want the magic getting out, do we? "Oh, hell. The magic got out."

For a second Pine stared at him. She was magically inept, but she had been around her lover long enough to know that Voodoo was about balance. Good and bad, black and white. Everything was reversible. And Wicca had counter spells. Water to fire, air to earth. "So reverse it."

Black tilted his head slightly. "I can't." Shame rippled off him like water. Pine guessed it had something to do with male pride. Well that could take the friggin' back seat today.

"And why not?" She asked, raising one eyebrow.

"What's the opposite of sex, Pine?"

"Uh…" She blinked. "Why is this so bad anyway? So everyone gets laid? A few people break up and everyone gets an orgasm. Sounds pretty good to me."

Black sort of stared at her, as if concerned for her sanity. "What's so bad? What's so bad? If the magic got out of my room, it can get out of the school. When- not if- when it does, it'll get out in the atmosphere. Do you know what will happen then?" Pine shook her head. Black scared her when he was like this. Perversely that turned her on. Everyone wants the bad guy. Damn weird complex. "It affects every single person on Earth. We'll be worse than rabbits, there'll be inbreeds and more bastard children than you can count. Eventually the world will be over populated and we'll all stave and die a slow horrible death."

Pine blinked. "Armageddon in the form of come." Well, everyone wondered how they'd die. Making love was a pretty good way to die if the choice came right down to it.