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Black sat at his desk, thwacking his head on one of his many Voodoo books. Dull, helpless rage seethed inside him. All he'd wanted was a romantic interlude with his lover. Was that too much to ask for? Was it? Life really is a bitch, but you just don't die soon enough.

"You're gonna crack your skull." Pine told him, stretching her legs up in the air, twisting her body slightly. She felt her spine crackle and sighed, relaxing back onto Black's bed.

"That was the intention." He growled, hitting his head harder. A pulsing migraine headache was beginning to work it's way through Black's brain.

"Well don't go all suicidal until we've fixed this. And why isn't this crap effecting us, anyways?" She asked, fighting a yawn.

"Because the Gods and Goddesses don't even want me to die happy? I dunno." He muttered, and rested his aching head on his arms.

"Hello?" A soft, sing-song voice traveled from out of the hallway. "Anyone here?" Black raised one eyebrow and pulled himself to his feet. Poking his head out the door he caught sight of Daisy. His older cousin's son's half-sister.

"Daisy!" He called. The black haired, pale-skinned girl turned, the red and white tips of her jet black hair shifting with her movement.

"Heya, Black." She called cheerfully and walked toward him. "Where is everyone? Did zombies eat 'em?" She joked.

Black heaved a sigh. "It's a really long story, kiddo."


Daisy sat on Black's desk, listening as he explained-editing out the night before, obviously- what had happened. Black and Pine were obviously uncomfortable with talking about sex with the vastly younger girl, a fact she found vaguely funny.

"So basically, you guys fucked up?" She chuckled softly at the admittedly bad pun.

"Pretty much so." Pine sighed, laying back on Black's lap. "So we're all gonna die. Damn."

"You guys are retarded." Daisy said, hitting the back of her foot on the desk leg. The answer to the little riddle was painfully obvious, even to her. Maybe it was one of those things only kids get.

Black raised an eyebrow. "Oh really? Well then, kiddo, do you have an answer?"

"Duh. What is sex? Procreation. Life giving and what have you. So what's the opposite of life? Death." Daisy said, grinning at her own brilliance.

Black stared at her a moment. "Son of a bitch." He breathed softly.

"So how does that help us? Are we gonna kill a rabbit and the whole thing ends?" Pine asked, sitting back, hope shimmered in her eyes.

"No," Black told her, "it has to be human."

"Well hell." Pine growled.

"What about Jezebel?" Daisy asked, her eyes brightening at the though of causing pain to her father's cheating bitch of an ex.

"Now there's a thought." Black mused. He wasn't very fond of Jezebel, either. Her cheating and leaving had shattered Hidden. He'd gone down hill pretty fast. Got addicted to crack and painkillers, then lost the rights to Daisy, the daughter he'd loved, even though he wasn't quite sure she was his.

"Let's do it, then." Daisy squeaked.


Daisy slipped out of the dorms, heading down the street to her mother's apartment. She felt the buzz of magic where Black had set up some kind of block to help contain the magic.

She jogged up the stairs and rapped on the door. Jezebel answered after a minute, her long black hair tied back, skinny jeans hugged her body, a tight black strapless halter top clung to her chest, looking like a strip of paint more than actual clothes. She looked younger than Daisy. Whore. The younger girl thought. "Hi mom." She said brightly. "Um, I need to go sign some paper's at the dorms."

Jezebel gave an annoyed sigh, but complied, following her daughter back to an office wheere she waited. Black came in, locked the door. Jezebel turned to look at him "What the hell?" She asked him. She recognized him from the picture of him and Hidden that her ex-boyfriend had kept. The whiney bastard had been messed up in the head. Talked to voices in his head for fuck's sake.

Black said nothing for a moment, than began to chant something in a strange language. Jezebel had had a friend in high school that had spoken fluent Latin, and she recognized a few words. But nothing important. It wasn't even Latin Back happened to be speaking, but she didn't know that.

Black stepped toward her, still chanting. He unwrapped a length of rope and forced her back in the seat, then tied her hands and legs to it. She spat curses and fought him. Daisy watched, trembling with excitement.

Black then pulled a switchblade from his pocket, and flicked it open. The silver blade glimmered demonically in the dim light. Jezebel's amber eyes widened when he hovered it in front of her eyes. She squeaked softly.

Black muttered one final word, the dug the blade into her throat. Blood splashed his hand and clothes and poured down her neck, the black top not showing the crimson life blood pouring from her jugular. Her body convulsed once, then went still, her chin resting against her chest.


The feeling of the sex magic leaving the world was instantaneous with the last pulses of Jezebel's heart. It seemed to just vanish, not gradually fade but blink out of existence. On second there, the next not.

Everyone had done something they regretted. Though killing Jezebel wasn't one of those things. One less dumb bitch to worry with. Afterwards, Black burned the body with magic, destroying all evidence of the crime.

No one seemed to mention what had happened and eventually things went back to normal, though Black and Pine had enough sense to not use magic in there love making ever again.