"Just as everyone has a different set of fingerprints,
each of us has our own individual way of living"
-Akira Sakamoto


Every story has a beginning, every revolution a seed planted to start its beautiful metamorphosis into something infinitely grand, something to be remembered and chiseled into minds, made into history. And inevitably, nearly every hero starts out as a villain in the eyes of the public. That hero is a catalyst for the change that it is come, for the war that is to be fought and to be won or lost. That hero is the element capable of changing everything. And this of course was the way it began with a man called Night. More a voice than an actual presence, but something that tore a hole in the reality of what was left of the world as a simple voice through a telephone. It all began with violence, as legends often do.

In the year 3018, the war began. It started as a small struggle, started as a civil war and then split the world in two. It started as a simple struggle for power between the islands of Japan and eventually spread into a struggle between the hemispheres, an attempt at global conquest by two opposing emperors that had done their part in clawing their way to the top of the political food chain. It ended as more, as something far more tragic. Eventually the struggle turned to the use of the most advanced nuclear technology developed. It was a war that could not be won, and did little more than destroy what little peace was left.

In the end, those not killed in combat were killed by the effects of the nuclear holocaust. The radiation left behind caused an ultra-contagious illness eventually nicknamed La Mort Sanglante, or "LMS", for the fact that it both began and ended with profuse bleeding. The disease spread in a matter of days, leaving more than ninety percent of the world's population dead and the world changed, harsh, and irreparably damaged. Those that survived were left in the barren wasteland that had once been the Earth they knew.

The first ray of hope on the horizon came in the form of a project known as Eden. In a hurry to save the few survivors that were left, scientists quickly developed a large, makeshift dome in what was left of central Europe. Survivors heard rumors and flocked to it, though most did not survive the pilgrimage across land and sea.

Those who did make it thrived there, and the dome was altered and altered and altered again until it had become an impenetrable fortress, keeping everything on the outside where it belonged… and keeping those inside from getting out. It was a peaceful existence for the inhabitants of Eden. Slowly, the population began to grow inside the huge dome, a government began to take shape, and those who resided within its walls nearly forgot that life had once existed on the outside at all. Reality was virtually perfect. The people embraced their way of life and clung to their new government as they once had the church. The power of the government intensified, fueled by the people's devotion. The devoted public failed to see the fate they created.

By 3021, the power of the government had warped society to an unrecognizable level. The government officials decided what could be worn, eaten, and worshipped. Nearly every facet of life was controlled by the leviathan that had once been a simple group of senators. By 3032, the government's authority had spiraled out of control. The guidelines and rules set against the people were stifling, and those who disobeyed them were rarely heard from again. But the people, in all their delusional trust in the government, failed to see all this. So blind was their faith that they oblivious to the corruption of the entity they so glorified. There was no change, no motivation. No hope.

And then, among the unchanging chaos, there was a man called Night. He rose up when we were the most blind and struck in our hearts the thing that remembered how to be normal, how to think and feel for ourselves, how to be free . He forever tore the fabric of reality as we knew it. He released us from ourselves.

It is a fairy tale passed down from generation to generation; the saga of an unlikely hero who rises to help the people in their time of need and then virtually disappears, seeking no reward. The hero comes out of nowhere, from some far-off land where he lies in wait for a damsel to come into distress or for a village to burn. But sometimes this is not the case.

Sometimes that hero has really been there all along.

So, there's the prologue. Mostly just to provide clarification about the circumstances of the world the characters live in. The next chapter will begin the actual story, I promise. Please stick around? :puppy eyes: