The sea, the stars, and a lonely, wandering heart

A gentle, soft glow, coloured a beautiful, uneven mixture of lightly shaded orange and red, was diffused across the sky, tinting the clouds where the sun met the sea. The ocean's blue was gently losing its colour as it reflected the dyed clouds of the sunset, turning from cerulean to a blend of warm shades. The blazing sun was also reflected in the pristine waters, its edges lightly blurred by the currents.

The waves crashed, gently sending a sea spray splashing into the air. A droplet, carried by the evening wind, flew, landed itself on soft cheeks, blending with the trail of tears, before a hand brushed it off.

The sea breeze gently played around her silky hair, lofting it into the air, while the warm rays of twilight caressed her cheeks, emphasizing the shine of the tears in her eyes. She held them back, but they fell nonetheless, gently falling into the water, creating tiny ripples that spread slowly, forming curvy patterns on the sea, breaking all images reflected on its sheen surface.

The sand beneath her bare feet was soft, and she curled her toes, sinking them in as memories flooded her mind. She gripped her skirt, wet with sea water, ever so tightly as she felt her breathing turn heavy. The world around her seemed to be swirling, her tears blurring her vision. She had never expected such a turn of events, and now her heart was sunken with despair. It took all life and energy out of her; all that was left was a sorrowful heart, its pulse her only reminder that life was still continuing amidst the stillness of the sea. She willed it to stop its beating, such that she would forget all, and simply drown in the tranquil surroundings, and let life pause for just a moment, so she could savour the nothingness where there would be no hurt.

But she knew she could not escape the pain that was eating from within her. She felt her chest tightening, and lifting her head towards the sky, she let out a sob.

She stumbled further into the sea, feeling the water soak up her clothes, until she was waist deep in water. She stared listlessly at the horizon for a moment, and then with sudden rashness plunged her head into the water, curling her body up into the ball beneath the surface. She could feel the salt stinging her skin and the waves washing through her hair, silence all around her, except for the regular pulse of the waves, which seemed to calm her fiercely palpitating heart to follow the beat of the sea. When she ran out of breath, she burst out of the water, and fresh tears fell as she returned to reality again.

There was a desperate longing within her. She was lost, wandering, afraid, and most of all, lonely. There was no one to comprehend, no words of comfort. She clung onto the hair which was now sticking to her neck, pulling, clawing her fingers into her face. She wailed with despair.

And slowly, she melted into an empty shell, standing by the sea, gazing lifelessly at the never ending expanse of serenity before her, the tears flowing naturally without her consciousness of them. And she waited, and waited, and waited…

He watched her for a full half-hour, as the sun set and darkness began to fall. He watched her stumble and stagger out towards the sea, as though she was searching for something from it. He watched her distraught state, and listened to her cries. His heart reached out to her, even though they never were close friends, or even got along well. He felt her sadness, her tears; a different side of her. He wanted to do something, but what?

And then, his heart overwhelmed with compassion, he knew he could not bear to just watch. Kicking off his shoes, he stepped onto the soft sand and waddled into the water. Closer and closer, he moved towards her, and stood behind her quietly. He realized she was trembling, possibly because it was a cold night, probably because she was too shaken with emotion. He did not know what to say to her; he never really said anything right. Tenderly, he laid a hand on her shoulder.

She jumped, startled. Slowly, she swivelled around, tilting her head upwards to meet his gaze. Her eyes widened upon seeing him, and brought back to reality, she swiftly wiped away the tears, before plastering a forced smile on her face to hide the sadness. His expression softened in understanding, and he noticed that she was trying to keep back the tears that would not stop filling her eyes. They trickled down even as she tried her best to stop them, her eyes betraying the agony which was rooted deep in her heart, her lips quivering as they tried to maintain the plastic smile. His heart ached.

Suddenly, a wave of impulse washed over him and he pulled her into an embrace. She was stunned and grew stiff in his arms, her heart stopping for a moment as hope filled it. Gently he ran his hand through her drenched hair, bringing his lips down to her ears, and parted them to whisper.

"It's okay."

She froze, her heart slamming hard against her ribcage, his words echoing in her mind. It's okay…

She felt a new flow of tears filling her eyes, and this time did nothing to restrain them. She buried her head in his chest, letting her tears soak in his shirt, sobbing her heart out. He wrapped his arms tighter around her, whispering words of comfort. Slowly, the tears stopped, and a warm glow began to spread across her cheeks as she felt her fear and loneliness melt away. She looked up at his face with a gentle smile.

"Thank you," she muttered.

And the two hearts remained there in the stillness of the night, feeling nothing but each other's presence and the waves surrounding them.

And the reflection of the stars danced across the sea.

Heyyyy! Ok I know I'm supposed to be good and work on Of Love and Death but I got stuck on plot issues. And I had a burst of writing inspiration so i just had to write something (that is not about Kaira because I am horribly stuck!). And I just have this big big big obsession with the sea and stars so (what can I say), I love this story! Hope you like it too! It's more concentrated on description and flow of emotions rather than plot (heh, did I mention that I have plot problems now?). Sorry to those who are looking for an intense romance plot because there really isn't any here. BUT THOUGH THE PLOT ISN'T INTENSE THE LOVE IS! I like how just two words could provide so much comfort and love, and how a simple gesture can bring forth that romance! No kisses or anything but you can feel it! (ok this is kinda egoistic because it's kinda like my own review of my own story, I think I should stop here.) Happy reading!

-Sekine Hana