I looked up through a thin sheen of brown auburn hair and gazed at the boy who stood staring at me. Uncomfortable, I reached for my necklace, which always gave me comfort, but touching it today brought no such comfort. The strange boy continued to stare at me from across the hall, ignoring the jostling of the students around him as his attention remained on me.

"What's wrong?" Koay, one of my two best friends, asked.

I jerked a thumb in the strange boy's direction. "He's watching us," I said, trying to calm my fears. Truthfully, I knew he was not watching us but me. Koay had just appeared and the strange boy had been staring at me several minutes more than she had appeared.

"So, tell him to bug off," she said as she glanced in his direction and then stopped and looked at him fully, shock registering on her face.

"He has white hair!"

I nodded. "I noticed that this morning when I first saw him."

"He looks like a girl!" she said, still shocked.

Again, I nodded. There was something rather feminine about the boy – young and innocent even. I shrugged. "It doesn't change anything."

"He has white hair!"

I laughed. "So?"

"And he has yellow eyes!" she said.

I turned my attention to the boy staring at me. It was true his eyes were yellow. Something about him told me he was feminine while his other side reminded me of a wild animal. There was something sad and feral about his expression as his eyes caught mine and suddenly I felt a deep pain in my skull.

"Ow!" I snapped and rubbed my head, glaring at the boy even though there was no way he could have done anything to me.

"What's wrong?" Koay asked.

"Nothing," I said quickly and returned my attention back to my locker. "See you at lunch."

Without another word, I disappeared down the hall.