(Okay, so this is pretty random. I've decided to start typing up an old story of mine which I love. Sorry this isn't exactly A Pirate's Story anymore... I dunno what happened with it. :S BUT. I truly love this story... Especially one of the characters, named Derek, but he won't show up for a few chapters, so you'll have to wait patiently. This was originially written to be a sequel, but the first book wouldn't have had any Derek- so it would've sucked. XD But don't worry, everything gets explained... At some point.)


Date: 17 January 2007

To: Devlin



An old and trusted colleague of mine was recently doing research in the forests of northern Canada. Long before I hired you, he worked for me and proved very helpful in the fulfilling of TSP. He was witness to the escape of 13, 38, and 72. Whilst he was researching, he claims to have found upon an abandoned house whose address was not on any internet database. He kept his distance, but remained there until nightfall. Come one AM he says a pure white person bolted out of the side door. His claim was not very detailed, but he has also told me that the being appeared to have a tail.

We believe that 13 and 72 are hiding within this house; I have attached the location as well as numerous other documents to this email. You are to go there for me and confirm this- capture both of them alive. If there are others, do as you wish with them, but do not allow them to distract you from your original plan of action. Pay little heed to the others (although I doubt there are any) and bring both of my old friends back to me for a… reunion. Also, bring 12 with you for he may serve you useful when you capture 13.

I have waited over fifteen years for this, Devlin. I have gone to so many beautiful extremes to make my dream come true…

Do not disappoint me, Devlin.