My best friend was hurting after her serious relationship fell down the drain, how can I help her when I don't know the first thing about relationships?


Hazel and I have been friends since we met. We've never been close until our last year in high school together. We bonded over the smallest of things and something that to this day we do, and that was ranting about the things we hated in our surroundings. Though to be honest we had our problems and I can even say at one point I kind of got tired of her. But now we are the truest of friends.

Back in high school we had different groups. Being that we grew up in a multicultural environment there were many different races at our school. I was Fijian, born and raised here in Canada, but true to most of my roots. On my first days I bonded with the other Hindi speaking students and that soon became my group.

Hazel was Chinese and being that the majority of our school's population was populated by the Asian ethnicities she stuck to them for her first few years of high school. We never ran the same circles or even had any classes together, but then in grade ten she had transferred into a program that I was in. We had four full classes together and slowly started to talk.

She always complained and thought that everyone had a problem, and to tell you the truth she felt like an annoying insect buzzing around me. But I realized when we were in yearbook production class that she was a truer friend than the ones I thought were my real friends.

In our last year of high school, prom was to be the biggest night of our lives. I didn't have a date because I just wasn't that lucky when it came down to the luck of the draw. You see I had a cousin who was in the same grade as me and so I was deemed the younger sister to all the guys in our grade, making me simply untouchable to any guy who didn't want to get jumped. Well this cousin of mine along with all the friends made up a table for prom, and they totally excluded me in the group because with their dates there just wasn't any room for the little sister. Could you believe it! My own flesh and blood betrayed me, and do you know who was there to help me up? Yeah if you guessed Hazel, then you're right.

She listened to me, even let me cry it out and that was the day that we became best friends. Since then I think I've been able to tell her anything, go to her for anything but now it was time for me to let her cry it out.

You see her parents were friends with this couple who had a son—named Blake—who is just a couple years older than her. Hazel's brother and Blake had become best friends and they all grew up together. I don't really know the whole story on how it all happened but I guess as they grew up Blake and Hazel started to have feelings for each other. And by the time Hazel and I became friends they had become a couple.

It's been almost six years since they've started going out. And it's been four years since Hazel and I have become best friends. The two of us have been inseparable; any one who knew us would never be able to say one with out the other. Val and Haze, one in the same.

Even Blake knows me as Hazel's second half. And we always kid around about how he and I have to fight to have time with Hazel; though we both know that Hazel would die with out him. They were the couple that I looked up to; perfect for each other in every way I always hoped that I would find a guy that fit me the way Blake seemed to fit Hazel.

Until that day came I just had to wait and admire the happiness that my best friend had with her perfect soul mate.


A/N: This is just something that I've always wanted to write. This will be my second original story that I've written and posted. It will be just a few chapters long but I hope you all like it!