The collar of my blood looks best

Parasitic Fury

The collar of my blood looks best

Dotted on the expanse of your vulnerabilities

My fingers caress the half moon of your cheek

You shudder and bear snapping fangs

But I don't bother to move my fingers

(Go ahead

Bite me)

In the end

Pain floats to the surface

Violently indigo against my pallid flesh

The constant bruise of emotions pressed

Flush against my skin, lovely broken capillaries

Bones twisted in a mockery of stability

Making instability all too clear

Control eludes me

Even my heartbeat escapes me



We are too weary

Screams of agony die in my lungs

Clinging to you I say not a word

As blood builds in my esophagus and spills

Warming your skin and heightening your fury

I guide your trembling fingers to my throat

They tighten

Savoring the delicious crack of bone

And your frantic calls of my name

My head resting in the hollow of your throat

I let myself fall into the veil of oblivion

"Thank you"