Trapped like a chained bird

Barbed wire spreads blood on my feathers

Digging into my flesh

the more I BLEED

I can't ESCAPE

My fate follows the path

I follow it in search of deviations

That I know will never APPEAR


The mirror mockingly taunts me

Letting my fa├žade meet consciousness

Before I lose myself to PRETENDING

My emotions lay beneath my smile

Staring at my gruesome mask in horror

I know the terror, the need to SCREAM

To tear myself out of the half grins, the lies, the I'm fines

Fear binds me to my guards

Pain erects concrete barriers

That are harder to destroy than to CREATE


A word, a thought, an action

Can make me crash violently in FLAMES

As easily as one can lift me up into the sky

I am caught in the limbo of joy and despair

Bleeding but still ALIVE

My emotions are an abusive lover

Loving, Hating, Kissing, Screaming, Bruises, Love-Bites

Sometimes I sit by the door, a suitcase in hand

But then, if I leave, what else is LEFT?


Uncertainty, that fucking tease, loves to whisper


Will there be plush verdant grass on the other side

Of that rotting black fence?

Who has the courage to climb over, unknowing?

To leave the dystopian beauty that strikes

Like a bolt of lightning, uncertain and BEAUTIFUL

The word maybe sips chamomile tea with cowardice,

Heavy chains, their connection, foster lack of ACTION

Lying across the dying sage colored grass

The sky is as indigo as forever