I'm not afraid of death.

Of all the things roaming the earth, death is not the scariest. I've always believed this. If death were something inevitable what was the point in being afraid of it? I'd say embrace it, embrace it like an unavoidable meeting with an in-law. After all, there's always something better on the other side, right?

It was a regular morning, regular bowel functions, regular eating habits, regular annoying people I see every morning, regular crappy boss, regular walk past the local seven-eleven at 9:30 in the evening. Really, it was simply a regular most insignificant among insignificant days I was sure I was going to have in my life.

I suppose people really don't have a premonition foreboding the day or time of death or near death experience.

It was dark, as it usually was, cracked sidewalk, looking like a lighting bolt searing through the floor. I was absorbed boredly in my thoughts; a fleeting thought of the possible choice of beef flavored ramen noodles as a fit supplement for my dinner floated in my head. I believe I may have even passed the slightly dimly light seven-eleven completely if I didn't happen to hear a panicked gruff yell then the follow up of a screeching bang pound and tear through my ear drums, easily overriding the humdrums of regular street life.

My hearts skittered wildly, and true fear froze my body in its tracks. A gunshot.

Why I wasn't sprinting halfway across the city, I couldn't even begin to imagine. Inwardly, I screamed at my self to move, anything. I responded my whipping my head towards the sound instead.

I'm stupid, I know.

My eyes widened into saucers. Inside the seven-eleven an average height man, slightly pudgy, clad in a washed out black from head right down to his tennis sneakers, a stupid cliché black ski mask to conceal his face. Stood stiffly in front of the register table, a frightening sliver gun clenched in his white ashen hand, screaming at the poor Middle Eastern cashier, demanding that he give him all the money he had.

The Middle Eastern man, looking about ready to loose control of his bowel functions, screamed something back, made unintelligible due to his heavy accent.

I quickly observed two other men, a woman, and one little girl cowered further back in the aisles.

It completely escaped me how no one seemed to notice me, looking idiotic, frozen in front of the store, not screaming for help.

Couldn't anyone feel the fear radiating off of me?

Then feverish thought came to me.

What if this was my final good act I was supposed to do? Save these people? To become a heroine in my last moment in life, after my whole lifespan had nothing more eventful than have one car break down?

Hell, why not?

My eyes quickly shifted left, right, and left, right again. How the piss was I going to do this? I have zero creativity.

Robber man was still yelling.

Why for love of rocky road ice cream weren't the police already there?

Really. I wanted to know. Why was it when your life is being threatened, they're suspiciously late, but that day you decide you'll gamble and skip that stop sign, they're all over you? But hey. What did I know? I was the stupid woman gaping idioticly at a crime scene.

Robber man began waving his gun dangerously. From there, my body moved on it's on.

My favorite tote bag slipped from my dark hand onto the floor, I was going to regret that later. With a force I'll never forget, I wrenched the door open, a new happy jingle following me, with a loud masculine grunt I threw my self into the little space between the register desk and Robber man. Ignored surprised yells and again, adrenaline helping me along, forcefully propelled myself into Robber man knocking him clean off his feet, toppling roughly into the snacks aisle.

Another bang. Two more screams. A sickening thump.

It hurt. Enough to cleanly surpass menstrual cramps.

A sharp blindingly hot pain slightly below my left clavicle shook me to the very marrow of my bones. Wetness was traveling down my cheeks and towards my ears, and snot was starting its path down one cheek. All I was hearing was a buzz. My vision was blurring then clearing, then blurring again. Someone moved me, to where I was facing the ceiling. I was getting slightly angry now.

What happened to drifting softly into a sleep where I could follow the light? Ya' know, die knowing I did a good deed, and all that hooplah.

It was not pleasant. I thought of my family and best friend, Jess and her pretty green eyes. I wanted to live, I know I did, but with the way things were feeling, it was quite possible I'd die.

I wondered if it would be possible to have a party for a funeral.

Sirens buzzed through my funeral plans. I grimaced. It wasn't helping the continuous pounding in my head and the itch on my back was driving me crazy.

Someone grabbed my legs, further incasing the heat in my jeans, another person grabbed my torso and my arms. The sudden movement disturbing my wound, I screamed a choice word, tears causing stabbing stings in my eyes. Together, Unknown #1, 2 and 3 lifted me onto something. In seconds I was on something taller. I couldn't see much of anything, but I sensed I was above the itchy ground.

We were moving, blurs kept moving against my eyes making me dizzy, further unhelpfulness for my brain splitting headache.

I couldn't make sense of anything, until I felt I was enclosed somewhere, people saying things in hurried voices, strapping things on me, I slightly panicked, but didn't have the strength to move anything.

"Ma'am, we ask that you remain calm, okay?" A woman's voice said in a would-be comforting tone.

I was getting pissed with every second, and had no idea why. Maybe getting shot does that to you.

"Like hell I will!" I growled hoarsely. A small cornered part of my brain marveled I could still speak properly. I continued to rant noisily, "Lady, I got shot! I highly doubt with every minuscule fiber of my very being that I'll be calm about anything due to the gaping bleeding hole in my body!"

A masculine voice chuckled. My eyes focused themselves in the direction of the voice.

A beautiful man about my age grinned at me, showing me all of his pearly whites. His dark hair fell tastefully into his eyes, his hazel-gray eyes gleamed oddly in the dim space, and startling me I spotted a silver lip ring against naturally healthy pink lips. Sexiest white boy I'd seen. That same cornered part of my brain winced at my appearance. My mid-length black hair was matted down against my forehead with sweat and blood, snot and tears where still wet on my face, and my eyes were probably red and puffy, a lovely contrast against my milky coffee-colored skin.

I ignored all of this, and shot him a dark glare. "Hey, asshole, is this amusing to you?!"

Saying nothing, he examined my wound and moved something around, and put another thing I couldn't see onto it. Suddenly the pain doubled. I shrieked in pain, fighting against the restraints holding me down, desiring only to move away. Then slowly the pain lessened bit by bit, and I began to breathe raggedly again.

I yelled a long string of curses, all aimed at sexy boy.

"What the hell are you trying to do?!" I screamed at him.

"Well, I'm trying to cover your gaping hole. You know, so you don't bleed to death and all." He shook his head pitifully. "It would be a pity if you died."

I had the greatest urge to punch him square in the face. And I said as much to him.

"I'm far to sexy to punch, babe." He smirked wickedly. Despite the pain I was still experiencing, the pits of my stomach twisted into Boy Scout knots.

I called him a choice word. He laughed. A gorgeous sound.

"What your name?" He asked curiously, eyes twinkling.

"I'm going to shove your head into your anus, ass wipe." I replied savagely. The tiny part of my brain shook its head in sadness. Sexy boy was trying to talk to me and all I could do was throw insults.

"Hmm. You look like a Stacy. Megan? Brittany maybe?" He grinned again, something inside me stirred. I was hoping it was gas.

The corner of my mouth twitched with annoyance. "So before I die I get to be tortured by a irritating paramedic. Jesus, I did a good deed, and I love you, so why is this infuriating, yet sexy man here?" I grumbled hysterically to myself.

"Why thank you." Sexy boy said, amusement hanging in his tone.

I stared at him in confusion. " You said I was sexy." He clarified, smartly. Someone began to snicker.

Tiny part of brain froze in mortification. I just glared even more darkly, a frown etched my face. He leaned towards my face, so close I could see he had little freckles sprayed on his nose and cheeks, adding more to his boyish looks. My heart skittered.

"Jordin," I blurted throatily, "my name is Jordin." I mentally berated myself. Seeking to redeem some of my dignity, I continued to glare.

He smiled brightly, before loftily kissing my cheek. "Adam." He replied lowly, his warm breath caressing my jaw and ear. "Nice to meet you, darling."

My eyes widened into the size of U.F.O.'s, my heart quivering in my ribcage. He really shouldn't have done that to a possibly dying heroine.

"Oi! Adam! Quit flirting shamelessly, you know that can't be good for her heart!" A man's voice I hadn't heard before laughed.

My jumbled thoughts were suddenly cut off by a flaring up of hot pain, and I jolted against the restraints. It stabbed like a thousand knifes again and again into my shoulder. I cried out in agony, tears once again coming back. Adam gave me worried look. Pain blurred my vision again then sharpened in time to see a blond woman in her forties prepare a syringe. If possible, I felt my face change and even more ashen color. As she began to speak I realized she was the woman attempting to be comforting in the beginning of their trip to the hospital.

"Ma'am I'm going to-" she began.

"No!" I yelled roughly, my throat was starting to throb.

"I need-"

"No you don't! I don't care! You're not putting that thing in me!"

Then Adam's smiling face invaded my vision. I glowered. "Would you prefer I stick something in you?" he asked, underlying meaning not concealed very well.

Somehow, I found the strength between searing pain pulsing through me, and freezing fear of needles, to roll my eyes in irritation.

"For some reason, I honestly doubt words will calm you down." He thoughtfully stated.

"Damn straight." I growled. I counted my breaths. Even Adam's face was doing little to distract me from the pain.

"Jordin." He called. "Do you have a boyfriend?"

"No, but I fail to see why that is any of your-"

Adam was kissing me.

And I was letting it happen.

His soft mouth firmly covered my semi-chapped lips. I could have sworn my heart was going to jump straight through my brain. His lips moved slowly, uncertainly and I reassured him, finding some force in me to equally mash my lips to his own. Absently, some part of my brain felt something prick my arm. I ignored it. Kissing Adam was far more important.

As if I wasn't already uncomfortably hot, him kissing me felt like I was on fire seeping from my pores. His lip ring was extremely pleasant, cooling in contrast to his warm lips. His hand was stroking my head, rhythmically, comforting me. Deciding to be bold, I lightly traced his bottom lip with my tongue, drew his lip into my teeth, biting down, at the same time sucking on his lip ring. It was lazy, slow, and aimed to tease him a bit. He made a strange breathy sound, or maybe it was me, I wasn't sure. He suddenly detached himself from me, his breath uneven.

I felt like I may have never been able to breathe properly ever again. If I was alive long enough, that is.

"Damn." He breathed, his eyes were glazed, "That wasn't fair."

I flashed a cheeky grin. He blinked, as if in surprise.

Everything seemed to slow. I was drifting, sinking into sleep, and no matter what I did, I couldn't climb out.

"Hell, Adam, I was drugged, wasn't I?" I mumbled sleepily, "I'll kill…you..(snore)"

Darkness surrounded me.


When I awoke from slumber, all I saw was blinding light. Even thought I caused me to groan in pain, in addition to the throbbing pain in my shoulder, I welcomed it, because pain meant I was still alive.

I smiled.

"Oh, awake are we?" A familiar voice asked. Adam.

Moving as much as my stiff muscles would allow, I turned my neck in direction it came from.

As he sat comfortably in the bedside chair I noticed he looked quite different. His dark hair was damp and a little messier, he dressed in some blue t-shirt and jeans, and he looked like he had a fresh shower.

I opened my mouth to say something, all that came out was a hacking cough.

Wordlessly, yet cheerfully, he grabbed a plastic cup, filled it with water place a straw and helped position it to my mouth. Gratefully I sucked in the cool water and when my thirst was quenched opened my mouth to speak again.

"Thank you. And I greatly dislike you, and will probably assassinate you in your sleep." I scratched out. "Forewarning and all."

He grinned. "Darling, really? Will you assassinate while I'm in bed? Or maybe in the shower? At least make it exciting." He suggested. "And you dislike me? Which is why I distinctly remember you eagerly kissing me?" His eyes gleamed in mischievousness.

He leaned against the bed, indulging in my speechlessness and pink coloring my cheeks, his smiled widened. "Assassination sounds fun, considering I'm six-hundred percent certain I could over power you and put you in a spicy situation."

I glowered. "You're stupid. I don't have to listen to idiotic sex-crazed specimens." I was being childish, I knew, but I didn't care. He started it.

"Besides," I continued, "you kissed me first, even if it was to drug me." I declared hotly.

"Don't make it sound so bad, you loved it anyway," He dismissed.

"I did not!" I yelled, wishing desperately I could cross my arms.

He raised one eyebrow. Instantly I was jealous. I'd always wanted to do that.

"Really babe?" He inquired.

"Would you stop with the pet names? And yes." I said stubbornly.

A smirk tugged at his lips. My eyes instantaneously traveled to his lip ring. Mentally, I berated myself harshly.

His smirk widened, suddenly his hazel-gray eyes seemed darker in a way. "You mean to say," He leaned in dangerously close, "that if I do this-"

His lips captured my own in a second. Dignity aside, I melted into his kiss. Blood pounded into my ears. I felt him smirk, and knew he knew what he was doing to me. He wasted no time, he nipped gently at my bottom lip asking to be given permission to venture further in. Permission was granted. I gasped into his mouth, as his taste mingled with my own, I found it intoxicating. I found him intoxicating. His hands cupped my cheeks, thumbs caressing my jaw line. Needing to breathe, I broke away from him. Trying to breathe steadily.

"That must have tasted bad." I stated matter-of-factly, attempting to squash down the desire to attack his lip ring and dig my fingers into his hair.

Adam grinned, "A little stale, but not bad at all." He answered as if being asked about a complex dish.

"I want you to know, I don't usually go around kissing random stupid men I just met hours before." I said ignoring the red spreading in my cheeks.

"I'm special." Adam grinned cheekily.

"Why?" I asked quietly. The question had just suddenly hit me. Why exactly was this sexy man hitting on me?

He understood the question. "Because I met a crazy heroine, who seems far too interesting to simply let by. I like you. I don't know why, but I do." He grinned brilliantly. "Insane, huh?"

"Yes. Too insane. So insane I'm ready to call this all off. Right now." I grumbled.

Adam did not look amused. "Why are you so ready to stop something before it's even started?"

"Because, Mr. I'm so great because I'm Adam, a bunch of what-ifs won't leave me alone, and have me encased in a paranoia." I grounded out. It was hard for me to say, something that had taken a long time for me to even come to terms with.

"So you're scared?" Adam inquired further, eyebrows furrowing together.

"Well I haven't been in many relationships, and the ones I've been in ended up pretty flipping badly." I informed him.

"So you're not afraid of death, but your afraid of men?" Adam questioned incredulously.

I gave a firm nod. "That makes no sense." He shook his head. I nodded again.

A moment of silence. "What if I didn't ask you on a date, but instead a pre-date of sorts?" He asked me.

"You really are an idiot." I nodded in conviction.

"No listen, we'll go as friends, a period to show I'm different from all the other silly asses you've dated." He grinned.

I laughed. "You're so irritating." I matched his grin. What did I have to lose?

"All right." I agreed.

"Listen up, milady, we're going on our pre-date as soon as you get better, got it?" Adam commanded.

I rolled my eyes. "Oh, so macho, I'm getting hot all over." I droned.

"I could make you hot, but I'm too much of a gentleman." He replied cheekily. I snorted.

Adam turned to scribble something on a piece of paper on the desk. "Alright, I've written my number and address on this paper. If you lose it I'll have to look for your cute little ass all over the friggin' city. So don't lose it." he commanded, in his macho voice.

"Yessir." I answered, a small smile on my face.

He leaned in and planted a gentle kiss on my still grime-coated forehead. "I'm not giving up on you, Jordin." He whispered lowly, before righting himself and turning to leave. I chose to not acknowledge the goose bumps or shivers.

Then he was gone.

"Jojo!" Jess's mass of curly red hair, came free from its bun, her sparkly green eyes wide. "Who was that sexy lip ring guy I saw come from here?"

I could feel a goofy grin spread on my face.



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