the Art of being a Friend.

Dear friend…
how long the sadness is art?
What if I can't shout loudly

A broken heart is prettier
than a fulfilled dream
it means Love existed
and it's not an invention by the Art.

I lick the icing sugar in your cheek
it's not a true kiss
but I thought it could be
though it's a bitter feeling
You're sweet,
I'll call you bittersweet heart.

Let's run away

(I never wanted)

Just run away

Don't look for ¨it¨
even if you've lost ¨it¨

I don't trust in you
I don't…

You ask me to look into your eyes
but I walk away before
the first light from the sun,
now you want me closer

Somehow I'd rather stay in the corner
gazing at the sky with no cloud,
all the things about you
what I like more
it's your smile

It's an instant I'll cherish
'cause I smiled too
while I was overcome by the final sleep
I close my eyes… Slowly.

No matter if we won't be remembered
We know we've lived…

Dear lover…
how many times have you cried?

The tears turn into fancy diamonds
a broken heart is repaired
in order to be broken endlessly
I'd like to say I love (…)

Dear friend..