A.N: This is a poem written really quickly in a format i've never really written in... it's completely free and i mostly like some sort of structure. It's about being pushed away when you're hurting by someone, a friend, who's too busy with their life (work, family, studying, etc).


What's the point

If you don't have the time

Don't have the care

Fail to notice

I'm drowning, where

Are you?

I need a hug,

Need a friend

Need the person

Who can make this


I'm crying

I'm dying

Slowly giving in.

The pain

That's inside me

I want to

Let you in

I thought you

Were my saviour

I thought you were

My friend

I guess you're just

The shadow

A whisper

In the wind

But, I'm crying

And I'm bleeding

As I'm slowly giving in

There's no one here

To pull me back

No one to

Help me win.

A.N: Support is so important, even if you don't realise it when you have it.