AN: REVIEW!!!!!!! ^^ Asta!

Purple, blue, orange, pink,
In one instant,
The sky turns to a palette of colors,
In the clear, star speckled ocean of the Northern skies.
Streaks of beauty
Across the glistening ice crystals,
Hypnotizes you,
Like you are frozen in time along with them.
The light of Aurora
It is so lovely, so heavenly,
It leaves those who see it speechless
And takes their breath away.
All problems fly away from you,
Eyes hypnotized by the blinding light,
Wishing that it could be like this forever.
Care- free,
Standing the moon's pale light,
Under God's very own piece of artwork.
And when you die and go to heaven,
You wish for such a beautiful site.
Where you can spend all eternity looking at
From the other side of the sky
Helping to paint along side Him,
Above the ice crystals of the North.