School is over, and i am DONE

Wanna go out, the night and I are young

No one to go with, tch, woe to me

Good thing the world's an endless sea

No way to know everyone in it

Will only ever see just a tidbit

No matter how far you travel, no place is the same

Nor will it be again, for everything is a-change

My mind my only scrapbook

Faces and names fading to be replaced with new looks

Should probably write more, but can't find the drive

But then we're all a little out of our mind

No words for musical notes

Still try my best to stay afloat

Things like caring and love are just an art

Ones that i wish would just depart

No use in dreaming, you only get let down

You've got to make you own way and never expect to be found

Damsels in distress never make good marks

When grown up we look back on them sour and tart

Nothing great about princesses, they just sit and look pretty

More memorable are those who built cities

Slumber is sweet, quite a bliss

Don't much like waking up for the dream i might miss

Gods this music is crushing my heart

I want to fall and yet won't let myself start

Echoes my soul, want to run from it all

Feel the life and the breeze, hear the Goddesses' call

What holds my life has been fading

Friendships thinning and with my soul breaking


How much more do i have to bear?

Cannot see how hard it is to care

Mortal form, i want to fly

Free my spirit and soar up high

See the beauty in death, not a time to mourn

When all regrets and sorrows ajourn

Why a sin to want to die?

To look over the earth from above the sky

Full of peace and serene

Always out of reach, just a dream