Legend of the Phantom Wolf

Legend of the Phantom Wolf

It is said that a young princess named Youkioko once lived in a castle
within the woods of Japan. She was very beautiful and attracted many
suitors but she wanted none of them. Youkioko made friends with animals
easily. One of her best animal friends was a young female wolf
affectionately named Starbright. She and Starbright shared many great
adventures together. No one thought anything could separate the two and
they knew in their hearts if one died the other would follow.

There were rumors of a hunter dressed in black and his faithful and
intimidating black wolf. It was said that the wolf was of the shadow realm
but very few people believed this rumor. One day the princess wandered
into the forest and met there two. The princess feared for her life.

"What do you want with me?" she asked.

"We don't want you, but we can use you as bait for your wolf friend." said
the hunter.

"What do you want with Starbright?" asked Youkioko.

"We have heard legends of the beauty of your shewolf and her pelt would
sell for quite a lot." said the hunter.

His wolf growled at the princess ferociously. Before any harm could befall
the princess Starbright appeared in front of her. The black wolf
immediately backed off of princess Youkioko.

"Starbright!" cried the princess.

Starbright attack the black wolf. Before see could kill the black wolf the
princess was fatally wounded by the hunter. Starbright fought as valiantly
as she could but in the end she to was fatally wounded. With the last of
her strength Starbright killed the hunter and his wolf and made it to
princess Youkioko. They died in each others arms.

It is said to this day that if a young woman wanders into those woods that
the scene repeats its self. Except the young woman is the one that
Starbright is protecting and this time Starbright chases them off and
leads the woman to safety.

Some say that history is repeating its self because of Starbright's grief
over not being able to rescue the princess.