One by one, they file into the pews

Young men and women to whom the future is new

Plain skirts and red ties are the dress code

But all of the rebels just say no!

Eyes glaze over and students pout

While the half-asleep teachers simply want out

As the preacher drones on about God's plan

A stuck-up blonde gives her boy a hand

Seated in the back, safe from prying eyes

Lover and love must stifle their cries

Her hand is cold from the winter chill

But it is quickly warmed by her toy's thrill

Up and down like a broken elevator

Her slender fingers administer pleasure

The boy whimpers; his focus is waning

His eyes flutter and dilate like crazy

At long last comes relief

But not before the final treat

While prayers are said and gifts are offered

She bends down and takes him whole

Like a sucker, she licks and savors

His flesh is salty, the sweetest sin

He can't stand it and screams aloud

"Oh, God!!" making people turn around