"Danika? My Estralita?Where have you gone?" Danika could rolled her eyes and stepped, barefoot into the cold water just as Aletta emerged from the tiny cave mouth. When Aletta saw Danika she let out a squeal "Estralita!Please, step away from there! You'll be washed away for sure!" Her Spanish accent was thick, and even after six and a half centuries it still annoyed Danika.

"Aletta! My name is not Estralita" She stepped further into the cold, dark water "I am Danika, you're queen, and you will treat me as such!"Aletta was now at the edge of the water, carefully avoiding the waves that lapped on shore.

"Please Danika, I'm begging you to come back! It's not safe to be on the waters!" Poor old cow, it must be rough to deal with me Danika thought. Danika splashed about in the foaming green water, attempting to get a rise out of Aletta. "Madame! You will surly sink to the bottom of the ocean and drown if you do not come to shore this instant!"

Danika's smile widened "I'm fine Aletta, you know I'm more powerful than-"

With a gasp, Danika's body fell violently into the water. She thrashed about, but it seemed the ocean floor had gotten the better of her, her thrashing stopped. "Estralita! My little star!" Aletta got as close to the water as she dared before falling on her knees, cursing so many things in Spanish, Hungarian, and other languages. The Queen had died in her care, she would surly be executed. The thought of all of those fangs around her made her gag slightly. Aletta whispered to herself "Now you've done it old girl, you've gotten the most important vampire in the world killed."

"Aw... Aletta! You finally admit that I AM the most important?" Aletta jerked her head up and stared up at a dripping wet Danika in shock. "Do you really think I'm that stupid? Just because you can't take the water doesn't mean I can't." the grin on Danika's face spread wider than it ever had. "You should have seen you're face Aletta, I never knew you cared!"


Jesse laughed lightly at Karen's joke as they walked through the rows of his fathers corn. It hadn't been all that funny, but he'd laugh at anything to keep her happy. How could he possibly resist her? What with her dark blonde ringlets, slightly freckled nose, and chocolate eyes. Was that really what attracted him to her? No, it had to have been those farm girl curves. You don't get a body like that walking around the mall all day.

"I had no idea you were such a comedian Karen!" why did they have to have all of this small talk? No one was around, why wouldn't she let him make a move?

Karen giggled into her hand, he held the other in his own, they were almost back to the farm house where the couples parents sat on the porch, it was now or never. "Look Karen" Jesse took both of her hands now "I really like you."

"Oh, yeah... you're a great friend too" She said, eying the rocks under her worn sneakers.

"I don't mean as a friend Karen." He lifted her chin with his finger, something he'd read in a book once "I mean I think I want to be with you."

"You're being silly Jesse! We are together!" Is she playing dumb? I'm giving her my heart and she's playing dumb?

"Karen, you know what I mean, I wanted to ask you if... if maybe you'd want to go out with me sometime." He gulped, knowing her answer already, anticipated it, prepared for it.

"Oh Jesse! Of course I will!" she said, as if she only just understood what was going on.

"What? You will?" Jesse stood, smiling dumbly at her.

"For sure! You can totally bring a date if you want to go to a movie with Jack and I this weekend!" She patted his shoulder, grinning that white toothed grin he loved, and ran back to the house leaving Jesse with his jaw dropped.