Revenge has a tendency to rebound. Morgawse once told me this, as did Nimue. I did not heed them, though, now, I sorely wish I had.

I know not at what point destroying Gwenhwyvar also meant destroying Arthur. I know not why it took me so long to realize this. What I do know is that by the time I did, it was far too late. Camelot had already fallen.

Arthur is dead, Camelot, destroyed. All that remains now are memories.

Everyone shall remember Arthur and his dream, but not the woman who was his childhood friend. They will all remember Myrddin and his great sorcery, but they will not recall the woman who was his most trusted confidant. They will all remember tragic Medrawd, but they will not remember the woman who stood by his side.

And they will remember Gwenhwyvar as the root of Camelot's demise.

They will spare no thought to me, except in passing, and only as Gwenhwyvar's younger sister. While the others will live on in tales of glory, I shall fade into obscurity.

But, truth be told, I do not mind. I have my revenge, and this is part of the price.

- Gwenhwyvach

AN: At long last, we are finished. "A Woman Scorned" has been the most difficult piece of writing I have ever done, and it brings me a great deal of satisfaction to have finally completed it.

For those of you curious why AWS has been so brief and lacked fleshing out, this is because AWS is intended to be a companion piece to a much larger story, tentatively titled May Born. May Born will star Medrawd as the main character, though Myrddin, Morgawse, Arthur, Gwenhwyvar, and Gawain will all have their share of storytelling to do. I will be drawing heavily on the early versions of the legends, and there will be no Lancelot (-does a little dance for she has always hated Lancelot; besides, Gawain is far cooler-).

I am currently in the research/outlining stage, so it will be a while before May Born is even started. I hope you all will stick around until then (though that is unlikely since it'll probably take me years before I even start to write it XD).