hate hate hate this class.


i hate this class.
teacher lurks unseen.
can't tell when he's going to just show up
when you don't want him there.
don't have any privacy
and can't keep your thoughts to yourself.
keyboards tap too loudly.
see him out of the corner of your eye
and your heart stops—
knowing you've been caught.
i hate this class.
the tables are complicated with stupid equations.
semeter exam's going to suck.
teacher asks for an explanation.
i'm struggling with my words... don't know
how i'm going to get out of this one.
i hate this class.
i know how to type,
i really don't need an entire
forty-five minute waste of my time
and a credit towards (early) graduation.
thoughts of losing my account privileges
seep into my mind.
no way. i can't.
it was just once.
there are girls that do it every day.
stupid bitch comes in;
stomach does a backflip.
i hate this class.
hate the teacher.
hate the administration.
also hate stylizing poetry,
hurting friends,
walking alone in the hallway.
hatehatehate this keyboard.
too loud—it's announcing what i'm doing
to the entire class.
screw this class,
i hate it.

a/n: Stupid stupid stupid Keyboarding 9. And yeah, the stupid principal did just waltz right in.