Life somehow has a way of turning out in ways that you never could have predicted. Sometimes what seems impossible becomes the possible, and dreams become realities. Sometimes fate takes control, and though everything may not be that happy in the beginning, it ends up that way in the end.

Which is how I found myself five years after finishing high school finally graduating from college and seven weeks pregnant. I had been married nearly four years ago, and like Cinderella, I finally found my happy ending.

After I was released from the hospital that summer, Adam and I got married in the fall. It was a beautiful wedding, held in the park gazebo. For everyone else it was a disappointment that it poured with rain during the ceremony. For me and Adam, it was a remembrance of the time we had spent in the gazebo in the rain.

Sadly, not all of my friends got their happy endings; Ainsley and Logan broke up after two years, realizing that they weren't as compatible as they thought. Ainsley was actually now celebrating her second year of dating Thomas, whose band finally made it to the big time.

Logan, being the amazing athlete that he was, was now contending with the likes of David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo. With the fame of being a super soccer star comes the attention of fan girls; which he certainly had plenty of. We were all hoping for him to find a nice down to earth girl to settle down with, but he saw no need to settle down so early in his career.

Thomas, as I said, was now going on two years with Ainsley, and they were happy together. During the time the rest of us went to college Thomas had been busy putting out one song after another, and finally the one that he wrote for Ainsley – Model Relationships – became a big hit. He couldn't make it to my graduation as he was still away on tour.

Harold had moved in with Jordan – much to his father's displeasure – and was doing quite well as an intern at some prestigious law firm as he went into his second year at law school. I knew that while his dad didn't like the whole deal with Jordan, he was proud of his son.

Emily, true to her word, had moved to Seattle half way through the summer. However, unlike what she had planned she didn't stay in Seattle very long. I think it had something to do with Jack running after her and begging her to go to England with him. They now live there very happily, already married, and with one child.

William had retired as CEO of the company, leaving it all to Adam when he was just twenty four. Instead of spending his time at work he had purchased a private island and moved there with Helen. The last I heard they were learning how to surf and crack open coconuts.

Kelsey had luckily recovered from her cancer and was growing back her hair from chemo, she's also been helping a lot around the community; she's started a fund for children with cancer and is currently on a tour of school to give speeches on cancer.

Frank, at age forty nine, finally met someone. She's also a bartender and she now works, and lives, at Shocker. She's got just as much spirit as he does, and is probably his better half. I couldn't be happier for them.

And Gary? After a mercifully short trial he was sentenced to life in prison. Going cold turkey on the alcohol I hear has had a positive effect on him; he's lost weight and is making quick work of the library at the prison.

So I may not have worn glass slippers, nor did I have talking mice to help me through the tough times, but I found my Prince Charming, married him and I'm now planning on living happily ever after. So long as I get to wear Converse doing it.