The Storyteller Chronicles

Me and Mr. Watcher

(A Prologue)

Hello, my name is Owen West. I've been a writer of one sort or another all my life. I enjoy few things more than writing. Putting my ideas on paper is like watching a piece of fine art take shape to me, one that leaves the reader riveted to the last and panting for more when it's done. However, there is one thing I do enjoy more than writing such a work, that is to partake of the works of others designed with the same intent.

In my permutes for just such a thing, I recently made the acquaintance of Mr. Archibald Watcher. Mr. Watcher is a distinguished English gentleman about the age of my father. He tells me these phenomenal stories about a man he refers to solely as The Storyteller. Every story is filled with his brave heroics and self-sacrifice, but the best part of all, is that The Storyteller is just a regular guy like anyone else. Well not exactly like anyone else, he has an imagination like no other, but other than that he's just like you and me.

What I hope to to accomplish here is to recount not just the stories of Mr. Watcher but the spirit that so thoroughly drew me in.