part 2 in the disney masterpiece collection. references are theirs.


poor unfortunate souls


The sea witch, with her silver, spiked crop, all buzzed along the back, with her

seashell staff, is the proudest dyke this side of the ocean

she was banished from Triton's kingdom along with every other watery n'er-do-well

wringing the water out of her tentacles as she sold herself to the abyss, tried to forget

every shining mermaid


His daughter with her crown and her flowing auburn locks and her silly seashell A-cup

hums as though she thinks this is a musical, and it makes the sea witch sick

girls like that have no personality, no will power, no sense of self

whining and shivering when things don't go the right way

waiting for someone with legs to sweep them off their fins


The sea witch has a beautiful idea that involves such a stupid mermaid ditz

and her faggy eels lisp into the princess' ear, this way, this way

and she's so eager to betray dear daddy that she goes into the dark cool water

sells herself for a man, gets all stripped and bare, goes uptown to be silent and beautiful

and fails at that, too

the sea witch clutches a precious clamshell and makes a thousand points, only to be interrupted

by dear daddy, and Prince Charming, and all of the other men who know what's what.