Did you hear me when I was alone?
Did you watch me sit in the darkness?
Writing, scribing, letting my emotions breathe
You did, because you would know
What keeps me up late at night
The dim light straining my eyesight
My exhausted composure fades
My writing hand begins to shake

Did you read my poetry while I was still asleep?
Standing in my room, a candle the only light
Reading line by line, stanza by stanza
While I saw you, one eye open
I knew it would make you cry
It did for me, at least.

Did you forget to sleep that night,
Still exhausted from reading my work?
I didn't wake you, I knew I shouldn't

So now I write another poem
While you stare through the ajar door
I take a look, you hide yourself
But I know you'll read this
I know you'll cry again
And I know you'll again realize
How important you are to me.

So for now, keep watching
As I drift to sleep
And read this prose of shaking hand
Because it's all for you.