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Hero Forever

Nugen now knew what it felt like to have a blistering headache. It felt like a Babo crapped in his skull and was pounding his brain with a rock. He slowly opened his eyes. (Babo: Monkey)

"Oh..." he groaned. He looked groggily left and found the door to the infirmary. He looked right to see Violet sitting in a chair. She was hunched over and her head was laid next to Dimitri's.

"Vi?" Nugen croaked. He didn't know she was asleep.

"Shh...She's sleeping," Dimitri hoarsely replied. He woke up about a color ago and was holding Violet's hand tightly in his. Dimitri turned his head to face Nugen and saw that half of his head was covered in white bandages Nugen saw that Dimitri had a simple bandage on his right cheek and left temple. They both had black eyes and they were both hurting like hell.

"So I take it that you were the one to save Violet?" Nugen asked wincing at the pain in his ribs while trying to sit up.

"Yep. I wasn't going to let my father hurt her. Especially not through me," Dimitri responded also wincing as he tried to get up.

"You know, Violet once said that she always wanted her first boyfriend to be a hero."

"Really now?"

"Yeah. So, I guess you're her boyfriend then."

"Hm...I guess so."

Dimitri smiled. His hand went from hers to the back of her head stroking her hair. Nugen smiled at this endearment, which a month ago he would've never believed was possible. It's amazing what they did for each other. They both changed each other. Nugen was happy, she finally changed. Vi isn't the shy reclusive tomboy that she was last week. She was now a beautiful, blushing, young lady with a man no less. Nugen finished his job as the matchmaker. He sighed and pushed back against his oh so fluffy pillow.

"How do I tell her I love her?" Dimitri asked out of the blue. Nugen jerked up and looked at him. Dimitri didn't take his eyes off of Violet.

"Just...tell her that you love her. Simple as that," Nugen replied closing his eyes and leaning back into his pillow hoping sleep will take its toll over him.

"It's too simple. I want to say more than just that."

"Write a poem or something…," Nugen said through a yawn. Dimitri thought about it and something struck him.

"I've got something better!"

"Whazsat?" Nugen said sleepily.

"You'll see," Dimitri simply said.

"Mm-Kay...well let me see -yawn- in the morning. My body is aching like a bitch and I'm tired as fuck. Good night," Nugen said shifting and wincing as he did so.


Dimitri also laid back into his pillow. He stared at the ceiling in thought, 'What happens from here?'

"Please...No...Let me go...Please..." Violet mumbled. Dimitri looked at her. Her brow was creased and her eyes were clenched tightly shut she moved slightly. Dimitri's hand went to hers squeezing it gently. She was having a nightmare again.

"I said...no..." She subconsciously pulled her hand away and moved again. She was leaning on the edge of his bed, anymore movement and she'd fall down.

Dimitri cursed at his injuries as he placed his hand under Violet's arm and pulled her up with his other arm. He pulled her body up to lay right next to his. When he managed that feat he pulled her close to his body hugging her in a tight embrace. He put a hand to her face and caressed her cheek.

"Shh…I'm here...nothing can harm you..." He whispered kissing her forehead. As if his voice broke a spell, her features softened and a tiny smile replaced the ever there frown. He fell asleep listening to the soft sounds of her breathing and the warmth of her breath against his skin.

The sun shone brightly through the windows and woke Violet. She slowly opened her eyes putting her hand above her face to keep the light from blinding her. She closed them and snuggled back into that comfortable spot in between two very hard warm pillows? Her eyes shot open and she quickly turned to see what she was lying on. It was Dimitri's arm that was her pillow and his body that was the other one. She laid back down facing him this time. How did she get up there? Wasn't she in the chair? Maybe she got up in the middle of the night and laid beside him...

He was still in the same condition as he was the night before. He was asleep so quiet and peaceful that she might have thought he was dead. He might've been, if it wasn't for her. Guilt ran through her system and made her hug Dimitri to her. She looked up at his face. So still. In repose. And so Close. She was now lying on top of him, well half of her body was. His face drew her in and she drank in every detail of it. The flawlessness of his lightly tanned skin, besides the new injuries. The eyelids which held deep waters that would drown her in an instant. Her eyes scanned over his cheekbones and his strong angular jaw. Oh, and those lips! No man should have those lips! She wondered if they were as soft as they look...

She leaned in closer breathing in the strong cinnamony scent that was his only. She hovered over his lips wondering if she would... could she? She stayed there for another second before she found that she couldn't. But before she could slowly retreat, her lips met his. His hand was entwined with the hair on the back of her head and his head had come up from the pillow. Her eyes were wide in shock and she immediately broke it off. Her face filled with a terrible red blush. His lips were as soft as they looked! The kiss left a tingly sensation on her lips as she stared into the deep blue depths of Dimitri's eyes. He was smirking. Violet gained her composure and immediately stood up in outrage and embarrassment that she was caught staring at him.

"You were awake!" she accused pointing a finger at him. He flashed a toothy smile which answered her question.

Nugen was also awake too, but didn't want Vi to know that. So he let out a huge snore which made her glance at him and he turned himself to face them, eyes still closed. He opened his eyelids so he can still catch the action while looking like he's asleep.

"You know, interesting things always happen when I sleep." He raised a suggestive brow. She gaped at him and turned an even darker shade of red.

"YOU!! YOU…" she pointed at him, "Agh..."

He raised his brows in amusement. He loved seeing her get all riled up. She stayed there for a moment before turning on her heel and head towards the washroom.

"Where're going?" Dimitri asked.

"Nature calls," She replied storming away from him. Giving the door to the washroom a firm shut.

"Oh...kay..." Dimitri said slowly, "That wasn't exactly the reaction I had in mind."

Nugen snickered and Dimitri turned toward him, "What did I do wrong?"

"I don't know. But I'm just lovin Vi's reaction to her first kiss."

"Oh, heh."

"Hey, if you're going to do your lovey dovey confession of love, I think you should get it ready or whatever." Nugen adjusted himself so that he laid on his back, but his head was turned in Dimitri's direction.

"Yeah." Dimitri winced getting up.

Vi stood in front of the sink staring at her flushed reflection. That wasn't how she imagined her first kiss with Dimitri. It was supposed to be passionate and...and...romantic. But she was the one who pulled back. She glared at herself. Why did she have to screw up everything? But that kiss...even if it was chaste. It was like an intense spark that left her lips longing for more. She sighed that was what she wanted right? She looked back at herself and smiled. She did want it and now she wanted more. But not before she settles these confusing questions that had plagued her from the night before. She straightened herself up squaring her shoulders and putting her head up high. She grabbed the door handle and one question haunted her at that moment. What if he didn't love her like she loved him?

The door opened and she walked briskly out in a business matter towards Dimitri's bed. It seemed like he covered himself with his blanket from head to toe. She glanced at Nugen and he looked peacefully asleep with a little knowing smile placed upon his lips. She put a hand to the bulk that was Dimitri.

"Dimitri, I know you're awake! No use trying to pretend you're asleep," she said in annoyed tone. Honestly, he was being childish. She shook the bulk, "Dimitri!" He didn't budge. She found this very odd. She put a hand to the top of the blanket and pulled back the covers to find that the bulk that was supposed to be Dimitri were actually pillows. And on top of what was suppose to be his head, laid a book with a violet rose perched on top. To Love a Puzzled Puzzler, her book! She took up the unusual looking rose and held it in front of her. She gasped as a pair of strong arms wrapped themselves around her stomach. She leaned back into the nicely toned chest of the strong arms owner.

"Do you like it?" he whispered into her ear. Pulling her tight against him leaning his head on her shoulder as if to keep himself up.

"Yes" she breathed, "It's beautiful. But, how did you get one of these?"

"Did you know this school has a secret garden?" She shook her head, "It's in the south wing behind the night guard's common room and you can guess why no one really knows about it. I asked Glaise this morning to get me one of these beauties. It's one of its kind you know."

"I know."

"Heh. A violet rose for my Violet." Violet smiled and gave a light laugh. All the seriousness from the washroom had just melted away.

Dimitri couldn't stand for very much longer. His body was craving to sit down. Violet felt the weight of Dimitri on her and she knew he was struggling to keep where he was.

"I think you should sit," she said in a quiet voice. He nodded and sat down. Violet was going to sit beside him, but his sneaky arms snaked around her waist and pulled her on top of his lap. For a second they just gazed into each other's eyes, before a question from the back of Violet's mind bubbled up.

"Why did you save me?" she asked her voice uncertain. His eyes never left hers, holding a sincere gentleness in its depths.

"Because..." he started, "I love you." Violet's heart skipped a beat and for a moment she didn't believe her ears. Dimitri Haran loves her! Her! His arch-nemesis! A pion! A recluse! A-

Violet was pulled out of her thoughts when his lips caught hers again for the second time and this time, she didn't pull away. She returned the kiss and he deepened it. The first kiss was nothing compared to this. Last one held sparks, this one held fireworks. The last one was chaste this was one was fiery and passionate. He pulled her in and she melted against him. Never had she had a kiss quite like this before. Never had she thought a kiss could make her feel this way before.

It seemed like a lifetime before they pulled away breathing as if there was little air in the room that very moment. He leaned his forehead against hers and just gazed into her eyes.

"I..." she breathed closing her eyes for another kiss that she was going to make, "love you too"

Their lips were just a hairline away.


Just a little bit more.

Almost there.

An Explosion is what can describe the next kiss. His hands cupped her face and his fingers laced into her hair to deepen the kiss even more. He kissed her as he had never kissed anyone before. He felt like nothing before. Not with all those other girls. Not with anyone, but her.

They were disrupted by loud clapping and sniffling. They both looked up to find Nugen sitting up with tears of joy in his eyes applauding them with a happy smile. Vi faced the other way embarrassed and Dimitri smirked.

"That," Nugen sniffled, "was beautiful!"

"I thought you were asleep!" Vi snapped.

"I really really wanted to see this!" Violet grabbed a pillow from behind Dimitri and threw it at Nugen.

"Hey!" he replied and then smiled widely at them, "So my fine beautiful friend, are you two really together?"

Violet looked at Dimitri with unsure eyes and he looked back at her. Greens meeting blues. An intense electric current running between them.

"Yeah...we are," Dimitri responded taking Violet and giving her another mind blowing kiss, reassuring her that she is his. He is hers. And from that moment on, they both knew they couldn't live without the other. Wherever one goes the other will follow. They will both save each other from the cruelties of the world and in turn become each other's hero. A Pion and a Fremik. Violet and Dimitri.

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