Elemental Angels


"You and me, since the day we were born, we were bound by faith through the melancholy of our souls."

The world as we all know is still at its juvenile stage. Young in the sense of its real life span and in the sense of the fate humans have yet to tackle. Living their lives the way they pleased as if everything was part of their personal legend. But unknown to them, everything materializes for a definite reason, that is the rule of the tranquil element that governs life itself, fate. Fate cannot be altered neither can it be destroyed, a time where human's wickedness started to loom. Wickedness comes in many different forms but the greatest of all those is man's resentfulness against others and against himself. Humanity was at the verge of reaching its peak end so God decided to make a grave decision. He, with His almighty power, sent the dying world a group of supernatural beings. They were called Elemental Angels. Those Angels were given a vital mission. That is to maintain the world's trifling balance and to protect a pure human from an unknown dangerous element, believing that they were only ones that can save it from the incoming destruction. Hoping that His decision was for the good, God blessed them with prosperity and love as they soared towards the depths of the world. Despite His blessings and faith, the only thing that came back to Him was utmost disappointment. Sin was the same as fate, it also cannot be altered neither can it be destroyed due to the reason that even the supreme beings transgressed against God. And that marked the beginning of a new aeon, an era of pain and suffering for the survival of humanity and for the disappearance of Angels. Everything subtly ended when a lone Angel relinquished the most important thing, thus causing the world to regain its fleeting peace once again. The Angel was sealed away with her heart brutally chained in immense pain and darkness without even having the slightest memory of that person.


Flickering blue lights mildly illuminated the seemingly misty dimension with blurry marks at every direction. It was solemn as if there were no living beings that have ever existed in that place. Soothing warmth traced throughout the entire circle while it generated an intense bluish glimmer. Inside the shimmering circle, there originated a vestige of a cross-shaped seal. The seal burned in the warm blue light severely as the mist subsided sluggishly revealing two motionless bodies lying at the center of the circle. The bodies were situated in a vertical opposite positions while their heads faced each other in a seemingly desolated way. A cerulean-colored string was neatly entwined at the wrist of their pale hands which held each other gently.

Blazingly shining, the blue light emitted an intense warm aura as it beautifully outlined the divine features of the boy that gently enfolded his left hand on the girl's right one. His eyes were closed just like that of the girl. He had glossy black hair with trifling bangs that trickled over his closed eyes. The boy was wearing a bluish-black lengthy garment with silvery white striped deftly lined at both edges. There was a cerulean blue gemstone that was delicately embedded at the center of his garment with silver embroideries encircling it. A silvery-grey pygmy diadem enclosed the upper part of his black hair. Extensive white-colored massive wings coming from his back enveloped the lying bodies as he slightly twitched his left eye. He felt the seemingly warm sensation coming from his left hand. Upon feeling that heartfelt sensation, the black-haired boy held it even more tightly as if afraid of letting it go. The girl who grasped his pale hand before him gave out a slight gasp. She had lengthy black hair that reached up to her hips. The brunette wore a simple black Japanese high school uniform with a red bow entangled above her chest. She was a human who was patently holding hands with an Angel.

Emitting another radiant blue light, the cross-shaped seal suddenly glinted as both of them woke up from their senses, still with their eyes closed.

"Umm…where am I?" The black-haired angel mildly gasped while slowly feeling his warm surroundings with his confused mind.

"This is your Cross Seal. I unconsciously initiated it." She gently replied communicating in what seem to be telepathy.

There was a long silence upon hearing that retort. He gently grasped her hand tightly while mildly shuddering one of his brows. He then broke the uncanny silence.

"Why are we here, Sierra?" He asked her while feeling an unexplainable pain in his insides.

"We're safe here. Besides….I want to be with you…..for the last time….." The girl mildly fretted on her words as she returned his tight grasp.

"Sierra, I don't understand! Please don't…..Sierra….you…." His heart was throbbing in pain as he gave out a panicking response, but to his demise there were no more words that would come out from his mind, even though he want to tell her something badly.

"I love you, Subaru." The brunette softly uttered as she finally released his pale hand.

Feeling the warm sensation slowly departing from his frail hands, he suddenly became aware that the most important thing that he'd give his life for vanished right in front of him but somehow he could feel her mild warmth still lingering in his heart. He was vexed as if his whole body felt numb upon that sudden departure.


"I know."

The brunette slowly opened her silver eyes as it constantly blinked for a minute or so. She sat up slowly as she gently brushed the hair out of her distressed silver eyes. Swiftly turning around, the seemingly beautiful girl perceived the lying black-haired boy so she hastily reached for him, face to face. He gasped upon feeling the velvety strands of her hip-length hair on his face.

"I know you love me too." Sierra gently whispered on his left ear causing him to slightly wince.

The brunette gradually raised her head as she beckoned towards his pale face and gently held it. She slowly neared her face to his as she suddenly raised her right hand where the white string was attached.

"This string, entangled to my right hand, is the proof of our promise." She stopped on her words as tears started to streak out of her distress silver eyes. "You and me….since the day we were born…….we were bound by fate…..through the melancholy of our souls….."

Tears overwhelmed her eyes as it gently dropped on his pale face. Feeling the wetness, he suddenly fought his mind while he tried so hard to break the spell that conjoined him but to his demise, nothing happened.

"Sierra…please stop it….you know that…I couldn't bear to be separated from you…please…Sierra….I….." His words were halted by the second as he continued to fight his confused mind. His pale hands mildly twitched. All of a sudden, he felt his body numb as the seal furiously glimmered once again.

She gently neared her face to his and out of nowhere, he felt a soothing heartfelt sensation rushed throughout his entire body as his lips softly touched with hers. A mixture of happiness and pain flooded his heart as they engaged in a passionate kiss. Sierra gently released him from the kiss but still he felt her dripping tears on his face.

"I'm sorry, Subaru." She felt her heart ached in immense pain when she uttered those bitter words. Sierra suddenly wiped the tears from her eyes as she gently rested her head on his while still mildly sobbing.

"Sierra….we can always go-"

"No…we can't. We can never go back….." The brunette cut her off while giving a slight sniff.

Suddenly, the glimmering blue lights started to vanish as the Cross Seal diminished by the second. Subaru sensed a sudden intense anguish looming from his already suffering heart while a part of Sierra's warmth slowly vanished by the minute. Pitch-black surroundings replaced the blue lights carrying a seemingly eerie aura out of nowhere. The brunette's body slowly scattered to silvery-black fragments starting from her feet. She was vanishing.

"At least let me save you…for the last time…." Sierra managed to utter as she suddenly disappeared in the black silence leaving the same silvery-black fragments behind.

"Sierra!!" Subaru suddenly opened his eyes as he swiftly broke his numb state. His heart suffered even more as he hastily turned around to look for her. But all he could see was remnants of the silver-black fragments that soared fleetingly in the immense darkness. Upon seeing those fragments, he felt a familiar sensation like someone was telling him that pain had never existed at all. A fragment gently landed on his open hand. He roughly grasped it and held it near his throbbing heart. He could feel the wetness of his own tears streaked down from his face as he embraced it even tighter.

"We can never go back to the way it never used to be, Subaru."


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