Chapter 2

Living Nostalgia

" I see that their future is

Not yet determined."


"A fateful meeting."

"What are you muttering about, Sialeeds?" An uncanny yet deep voice resonated impulsively out of nowhere.

"They have met, once again." A blonde girl responded to his question while her eyes remained closed.

She communicated in what seem to be telepathy. She had long blonde locks that reach up to her foot and pale yet smooth skin. Two white wings were emerging from her back while she wore a refined snowy garment with beads that resembled diamonds neatly placed at the top of her chest. Added to that, she wore a pair of silver sandals with amethyst stones accumulating every part of it. She finally opened her eyes which revealed the color cerulean as she motioned forwards to the boy that were teasing her.

"Yeah, so much for the drama, Sialeeds." He smirked at her while she countered it with a glare.

"Please do your job as an Archangel, Freesia." She scoffed back at him.

His hazel-like hair flew with the wind as he turned his back at her. He refused to be sadistic at that exact moment. He had the same skin color as hers but somehow a bit lighter. He also had two white wings coming out from his back and he wore silvery-white garment that resembles something like a dress robe together with a pair of ash-grey boots. After recovering from his sadist self, Freesia finally faced her again and this time he wore a serious look on his face.

"Sorry about that. It's seems that my dark senses has gotten to me again." He explained.

Sialeeds stared at him from top to bottom and let out a sigh as though she hated being with him, "As long as you don't do it again."

"Well I can't promise you that," He blinked his golden eyes and his second statement made the hair on Sialeeds hand stand, "You know, I was a former DARK, right?"

He smirked again at her and this time she only ignored her as turned her back on him. Perceiving the wary look on his partner's face, he tried to shift the conversation and continued what they were discussing earlier.

"Well anyway, our only mission was to give this to her, right?" The brown-haired angel took out an amethyst gemstone that was shimmering in white light, "it's a fateful meeting after all."

"You could say that, but-"She halted on her words when she remembered something very important. Freesia realized that Sialeeds had something not right in her mind so he decided to break the uncanny silence.

"Don't you think God is a bit unfair?"


"You know why, right?"

"I don't why that's why I'm asking why."

"Considering what happened to them before."

Upon hearing his retort, the blonde angel reached for her chest and held it tightly.

There has to be a way.

"God has his own reason of doing things and-," She gazed at his golden eyes deeply and thus uttered something that mildly caused the other angel to wince.

"I see that their future has not yet been determined that's why."

As though recovering from the mild trauma, Freesia walked towards her and gave her a slight tap on the shoulder. For him, meddling was an ideal job, "Even angels, cannot fight fate, right?"


"I don't understand….."

"I'm your Angel, Mistress Nasierra." Subaru repeated as he bowed his head and removed his gentle gaze towards the surprised girl.

Angel? Mistress Nasierra?

There was a deep silence between them. Sierra didn't know what to do or how to react to the said situation. Subaru returned his gaze back at the fearful young girl.

Who are you? And what do you want from me?

"I-" He was about to speak another word but Sierra cut her off.

"Who….are you….in my life?" She asked him while she knelt down on her knees. Her silver eyes remained focused on the Angel who was still holding her pale hand.

Her question caused the Subaru to mildly wince. The shock that Sierra has encounter was truly dreadful that she didn't know what to say anymore. She was terrified, "I said, WHO ARE YOU? WHY ME? WHY ANGEL? I don't get it! I was just a normal girl! Why?? WHY!!"

She wailed at the top of her lungs as her eyes rigorously generated droplets of tears and was now swollen than ever. Tears were streaking down her pale face and Subaru felt flabbergasted of what her mistress just said. As though she felt very mad and infuriated, Sierra reached for his dress and glared at him though her heart felt immense pain.

"Why…did I saw that….Fayne…..Fayne…..Fayne turned into a monster..and you….and monster…and you…" Sierra broke out. She was at the point of going crazy about what she has just witnessed

Feeling the pain her mistress is experiencing, Subaru let out a deep outbreath and closed his eyes. He neared her soft head to his chest gently as they engaged in soft embrace. Suddenly, bluish warmth radiated from the Angel's body as he held her tenderly for the first time. The crying girl felt a sudden gentle sensation rushing throughout her whole body as Subaru shared with him a part of his warmth.

"What was that?" Sierra asked him as he released him from the embrace.

"It was my warmth. I gave a part of it to you to soothe you from your shock, Mistress Nasierra." He spoke in a calm manner while he beckoned to stand up. He held his hand to Sierra who accepted it afterwards.

"Mistress Nasierra? But why? I don't understand-" She was about to continue but was halted when another beam of light regenerated from out of nowhere.

"Great job in protecting her, Subaru." His soft voice lingered to Sierra's ears but she can't see through the very bright light. Subaru suddenly covered her from the blinding light. The light diminished sluggishly revealing two divine beings in a golden cross circle that was half-glinting in the night, "Hello there, Mistress Nasierra."

"Who are you?" He questioned the golden-eyed Angel in confusion as Subaru suddenly went out of her way.

"My name is Freesia," He continued, "Archangel Freesia to be exact."

He smiled at her but she felt perplexed so she didn't smiled back instead she flinched upon seeing the person together with him, "And you are?"

"Archangel Sialeeds. It's a pleasure meeting you, Nasierra-sama." Sialeeds bowed her head and so did Freesia.

Sierra was a bit taken aback by the two's sudden appearance that she almost took a step back. Seeing Sialeeds somehow gave her the chill. A beautiful being in the midst of a cruel reality she thought to herself.

As though the silence has crushed his crafty mind, Freesia broke the seemingly uncanny silence as he turned his attention on Nasierra who engaged in a gazing competition with Sialeeds.

"Nasierra-sama, I'm pleased to inform you that you are one of God's chosen people." He calmly stated.

"God's chosen people?"

"Yes." Sialeeds broke the uncanny staring, "God has chosen you to be one of the protectors here on earth."

"Are you guys playing a prank on me?" Sierra blurted out while glaring at them. "God's chosen people? Angels? You've gotta be kidding me! I-"

"I know Nasierra Serene." Sialeeds retorted in a seemingly calm manner, "You don't believe it don't you?"

Sierra was speechless and didn't even know what to say anymore. The blonde angel was right. But why does she feel she can't say anything anymore.

"Do you remember Fayne?"

The name struck her big time. It was already a taboo for her and upon hearing that name; tears came streaking down her face once again.


"She turned into a beast, right?" Silaeeds continued on her asking. Subaru was about to stop her but Freesia beckoned towards her direction and assured him that everything will be alright.

"Yes." She answered but her tears were growing more intense.

"Do you know why?"

She closed her eyes for a minute or so while she tried her best to control her throbbing heart. Finally she gave in, "why?"

Sialeeds gave out a slight outbreath while out of nowhere Freesia radiated a golden fire from his left hand. Sierra perceived the events that occurred from earlier this evening and her tears continued even more.

"This is the mark of humanity's evilness, Fayne." Sialeeds walked towards her as she beckoned to the visions that were visible in the golden fire, "When one has hatred, it feeds on it and finally will be devoured by it."

Her statement made the hair on Sierra's neck stand as she mildly flinched upon hearig those vain words.

"When humans feed on hate and they become so obsessed with it. That's the time that darkness will devour them and they turn to darkness themselves." She continued calmly while her cerulean eyes remained focus on her, "That's what happened to Fayne."

As though those words were stinging bees to her throat, she could no longer dissemble anything from her mouth thus she concluded with a deep silence. She suddenly wiped the tears that were streaking down from her eyes as though her instincts have told her to be tough. The other two realized that the situation has finally calmed so they decided to conclude what would be best for Sierra and Subaru.

"Nasierra-sama, please listen to me." Sialeeds talked to her while her silver eyes were half opened," You are one of God's chosen people. And if you want to redeem others from being devoured by the true darkness, you must decide."

"Nasierra-sama, Fayne was a Deathly Holocaust from the beginning so you don't have to blame yourself from what happened. It was just right for Subaru to kill her so she won't suffer longer than she already had." Freesia explained while he suddenly unlighted the fire.

"Deathly Holocaust?" Nasierra asked them.

"Yes, Deathly Holocaust, they are those who feed on hate and when they become so obsessed with it, they transformed to beasts that lavishes for human flesh." Subaru explained while his soft azure eyes were set upon Nasierra, "That's why I killed here."

Hearing all those explanations from the angels, Sierra let out a sigh as she returned her gaze to the seemingly knowledgeable trio.

"But I-"She was about to retort but something cute her off in the from of a loud shriek . A deathly holocaust was only a mile from them and can be seen atop of many trees. Things were getting even more nauseating or so Sierra thought.

"Nasierra-sama, I believe you need to make a decision right now but-"Sialeeds was about to explain but was halted by someone's jealousy.

"But fro the meantime we have to disappear because finally our mission's done. It's only up to you to decide what should be best." He lit a fire in his hand while abruptly he remembered something, "Oh I almost forgot. Here."

He reached out an amethyst stone and Sierra unconsciously accepted it.

"What's this?"

"That's Subaru's heart. That's your means of controlling him. For example-"He was about to give another stupid remark but before he could Sialeeds already generated the Cross Divine Circle and both of them vanished right from their very eyes.

There was silence but after a few minutes another shriek surprised them as the beast suddenly vanished into nowhere. Subaru decided it would be best for them to hide for the meantime until the deathly animal can be visible.

"Nasierra-sama, let's go. It's not safe here anymore." He suddenly held her hand in an attempt to escape but what greeted him was Sierra's silence and a numbing sensation coming from her frail body.


"You know what." Sierra said in a deep sad voice, "I never wanted any of this."


"I really hate this!" She bellowed with all her might as she was furious than ever. "You….I don't want anything of this..this…this…"

She was lost on her words like she didn't care if she lives or dies anymore. She was furious and lividated by everything around her. The world was lying to her. There is no way that she could become a mistress.

Feeling the complexity of the mood Subaru unexpectedly let go of her hand while he tried his best to restore his calm self. He was also confused. Confused of what he has done and confused with his Mistress.


"Yes, Nasierra-sama?"


He gently returned his gaze to Sierra. Unexpectedly, Sierra held out her hand and gave Subaru his heart, the amethyst stone. Finally, the brunette decided to end things between him and her.

"I don't need this anymore. Be gone from my sight." Those words pierced Subaru's heart like crazy. Everything has come down to this one last decision. Sierra declines to be Subaru's Mistress.

The silver-eyed girl brushed the hair that was trickling over her eyes as she turned her back on him. She walked towards the opposite direction without even looking back at Subaru.

"I'm sorry Subaru. I hope you could find another person that is far more deserving of you than me." She continued on her steps but her heart remained confused. She was about to run at full speed when unexpectedly Subaru halted her on her steps.

"Nasierra –sama-" He gently uttered her name, "I could never live without you, Sierra."

His words struck her heart big time. Nostalgia loomed inside Sierra's heart upon hearing those words. The brunette returned her gaze to Subaru who was stooping his head down low. His eyes remained unseen. Something told Sierra that was she heard was just an illusion or so she thought.

Please return, Nasierra-sama.

As though her feet told her to do so, she was about to return. Return back into Subaru's arms but unexpectedly…..


Blood pervaded the sand as Sierra laid flat on the ground, wounded. A Deathly Holocaust was in front of her and slashed her right on the left arm. Sierra can still see through bloodshot eyes the beast attempting to cut her into pieces. Everything will end. Sierra was doomed.


A sudden boom opened Sierra's eyes. She was glad to know that she was still alive but other than that, she was glad to know that someone has helped her from the said situation, but it was not Subaru. She gashed the creature thus ending its existence with a white laser beam coming out from her hands.

Sierra, whose eyes were focused at the beautiful being in front of her, mildly flinched as she tried her best to fight the numbness from her left shoulder. The lady in front of her was beautiful and Sierra could deliberately tell that she was also an Angel because of the two wings that were coming out from her back. The angel gazed at her and suddenly reached out for her hand but unexpectedly….

"You are truly interesting, Nasierra Serene." A deep yet uncanny voice came out of nowhere.

"No way." Sierra was shocked when she heard his voice. She turned around to see that not far from her was someone very familiar.

"I knew you were somehow different." His sneer was casual than ever as he motioned forward to reach for his prey, "And that made me interested with you."

I can't believe this.

"Murasaki Shinn."


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