I believed them

What a fool I was

To believe that false promise

The not so helpful advise

It seemed so true

So real

Like I could achieve those dreams

Those dreams they promised

The promises that sounded so sweet

I had the foolishness to believe

Believe those dreams that they promised

So I tried to achieve them

And it seemed I was for a while

I felt like I was going to be

Someone who had a nice life

A good life with good things

As I got closer to my goal

I lost my footing and fell

And those who gave me hope sighed

They sighed of disappointment

Disappointment of my failure

No one told me of the monster

The monster called reality

It showed up and destroyed

My only companion called hope

With hope gone

I don't know what to do

I feel like I have nothing to live for

Hope is the spark of life

A flame to keep going

Without hope I have no light for direction

I realized my light was based off a false fuel

It was based off of a lie

I just wish someone told me the truth

A long time ago

Instead of the lies they spread to me