Shopping Surprise.

Arthor's note:
Well sorry, it's Christine not Kristi! And I hope your guys like this chapter, cause I do. 8-D

As they treaded throughout the snow, the town started to show. The Cetallie Family, live on a hill top so they could see all of the town, but the town was changing each day, so the town drifted farther and farther away.
The townsfolk did not really enjoy having the Cetallies so close, so that was them chosing.
Through the Cetallies also hated the townsfolk peoples, mostly because they were also critizing the people and the people just, never fought back.

Alright, back to the story...

The town sparkled in the snow, because of all the lights, it was near Christmas, yes.
"Mother, shall we get a tree this year?" Rebecca's eyes sparkled.
"Why would we get a tree if father isn't going to be here?" Christine sighed.
"Well, our half brothers and sisters would like it"
"Milady Renee wouldn't"
"Maybe she would"
"I doubt it"
"Will you two stop fighting right this instant!" Jessica screeched.
"Y-yes mommy." They both wimpered.
The market place was even more exciting there were kids with their parents walking around.
The shop windows were filled with a Christmas display, gingerbread men and women in the bakery store,
In each other store was a different display, unique yet beautiful.
"Mother, can we go to the bakery store!" Rebecca pleaded.
"Yes, mother, we could bring home some cookies for them!" Christine happily agreed.
"Fine, lets go." Jessica replied.
As the small family walked into the shop, everyone was talking merrily, but stopped suddenly.
The family was used to this except for the children, but the children could never make friends at school until a new child came.
Although that child's family would find out about them the next day, usually, so the child would be told never to talk to them.
This always made the children more gloomy, which made the mother more gloomy.
So the gloomy little family walked up to the counter and asked if there were any sugar cookies left.
The bakery gave them the bag of cookies with a smile.
That was it, the mother didn't have to pay or anything, and the bakery told them.
"Merry Christmas"
As the family slowly walked out into the snowy streets.