Firstly, Caomhe is pronounced KEE-va. Secondly, this stars my characters from Fine Line, Caomhe and Keiran and their daughter Evie.

Daddy's Not-So-Little Girl

October 5, 2019.

"She's so beautiful."

Caomhe smiled at the little girl she had spent sixteen hours trying to get out of her body. Her daughter was now sleeping serenely. "Black hair," she commented quietly.

"Brown eyes?" asked Keiran, who would have liked nothing better than to see his wife's eyes on his daughter.

Caomhe shook her head and said, "Doctor Morris said she has green eyes." Her eyes flickered up to Keiran's own green eyes, which had widened from shock. "Recessive trait showed up."

Keiran's smile grew. "Mini-me," he chuckled, leaning over Caomhe's hospital bed and stroking his daughter's arm.

"I like Eve," said Caomhe. "What do you think?"

Keiran nodded. "Eve Ophelia," he said, giving Eve his grandmother's name. He grinned. "Eve Ophelia Holmes."


November 30, 2020.


"I always knew we were having him over too often," commented Keiran lightly, watching Evie reach for her teddy bear. "Her first word should have been 'Daddy.'"

Caomhe snorted. "For one, George and Henry are the only kids Evie's age that live nearby," she said pointedly, referring to Garrett's twin sons. "And secondly, at least she knows more words now."

Evie laughed happily, hugging her teddy bear. "Bear!" she squealed. "Dip!"

At that last word, Caomhe's eyes narrowed and Keiran grinned sheepishly and said defensively, "She needed a word to call kids she doesn't like!"

"She's ONE!"


December 2, 2022.

"Big bump." Evie pointed at Caomhe's stomach, where another fetus was living. She looked to George and Henry, her pigtails flipping as she did so. "Really big."

Caomhe's brown eyes fell on Keiran, who grinned and gave her a thumb's up. It amazed Caomhe how even though he was twenty-eight, Keiran still had the mentality of a middle school kid. Of course, he did work at a middle school, so that was to blame for some of his behavior.

"That's because I have a baby in there," she explained to the three three-year-olds. "That's Evie's little brother or sister."

The three toddlers exchanged a confused look. "How's it get out?" asked Henry, the more curious of the two red-haired boys.

Keiran started to laugh as Caomhe said carefully, "The doctors take it out…." She cleared her throat and shot a glare at Keiran, who just laughed harder at her explanation.

Seeing that this did not answer Henry's question, Keiran supplied, "It's like opening a jar." He went into the kitchen to get a peanut butter jar. "The doctors unscrew her…" He opened the jar, "then they get the baby out," he stuck his finger in the peanut butter, ignoring Caomhe's protests, "then once they're done," he licked off the peanut butter, "they screw her back up." He closed the peanut butter. "Make sense?"

The three kids beamed and chorused, "Yes!"


September 5, 2025.

"Say bye to Evie, Matt…" Holding her two-year-old son (for some reason, he didn't look very comfortable), Caomhe stood with the other mothers who were sending their kids off to their first day of kindergarten. Matt looked at Evie blankly, although there was some confusion in his brown eyes.

"Am I taking the bus home?" inquired Evie, flipping her pigtails over her shoulders. "Cuz George and Henry said they were and-"

"Evie, come on!" Henry and George folded their arms impatiently and Henry continued, "You're gonna make us miss the bus!"

Forgetting her question, Evie ran off with the two boys, waving to her mother and yelling, "SEE YA AFTER SCHOOL!"

Caomhe smiled fondly and looked down at Matt. "Don't you ever grow up," she said.


October 5, 2032.

"OK, Evie. I'm sure your mother's already told you that you can't stay up too late and not to be too loud and everything else, but I want to get one thing clear about tonight." Keiran sat down his now thirteen-year-old daughter, who had charmed her parents into letting her have a sleepover with her best friends, April, Emmy, and Meryl. "No boys."

Evie raised an eyebrow, blowing a strand of black hair out of her face. "You've been saying that all week," she pointed out, sounding somewhat exasperated. "I already told George and Henry they can't come."

Keiran laughed darkly, remembering that didn't stop him or his friends when they were in seventh grade. "Well… I'm saying it again. I don't want Billy or Bobby or Jimmy or anyone with a-"

"KEIRAN!" shouted Caomhe warningly; she had been working with Matt on a puzzle in the autistic boy's room.

"…You know what I mean," mumbled Keiran, ignoring the smirk that was crossing Evie's face, which made it clear she knew exactly what he was about to say (poor corrupted girl).

"I know," she said coolly. "So I guess I'll have to call Ron and tell him he can't come after all." She walked out of the living room and into the kitchen.

Keiran stared at the coffee table for a moment. "…Ron?"


May 31, 2034.

"Dad, it's just a dance." Evie rolled her eyes; Keiran had "totally freaked out" at the thought of Evie at her last middle school dance. "I've gone to them before."

"Yes, but this is the first time you've had a date," said Keiran, pacing back and forth in front of Evie, who was sitting on the couch. "You can't trust boys. They only have two things on their mind." He held up a finger. "Food," he held up another finger, "and…" He couldn't bring himself to say the "s word" in front of the fourteen-year-old.

"I know, Dad. Hanging out with Henry and George corrupted me." Evie grinned innocently. "But Lee's really nice."

Keiran sighed dramatically. "CAOMHE!" he yelled. "HE'S A 'NICE BOY!'"

"I'm reading with Matt!" she yelled back.

"I'll take care of him, you explain just how dangerous 'nice boys' are!" Keiran walked hastily into Matt's room where Evie could hear her parents arguing while encouraging Matt on his reading.

Evie rolled her eyes. This was exactly why she was glad Matt was autistic; he wouldn't have to listen to their dad ranting about girls and their dangerous mood swings because everybody knew he wouldn't get it….

Evie sighed at that sad thought, but her thoughts were interrupted by Keiran snapping, "Sam was TOO one of those boys!"

The doorbell rang. "Lee's here!" Evie grabbed her purse and called, "See ya 'round ten!"



April 16, 2037.

"Errrgh! I HATE you!"

Having gotten into a big fight about the dress she wanted to wear to junior prom (it was green and strapless!), Keiran flopped onto the couch and moaned as Caomhe sat down beside him. "It's a nice dress," she commented, trying to persuade her husband to Evie's side. "Very modest."

"It doesn't have straps," muttered Keiran.

"It's fine," sighed Caomhe, resting her head on Keiran's shoulder. "You just don't want to admit Evie's growing up."

Keiran moaned again. "Why can't she have stayed four?" he lamented.


June 1, 2038.

"C'mon, guys!" Evie pulled George and Henry to her family where her aunts and uncles and parents and grandparents were waiting to take pictures of the high school graduates. George and Henry exchanged an apprehensive look. Evie flashed them a smile. "If I'm going down, you're comin' with me."

"Fine…" the twins grumbled.

There were bright flashes of light for a minute or so, and then Evie was tribal attacked by her other best friends, April, Emmeline, and Meryl. "EVIE!" squealed Meryl, flinging her arms around Evie and the other two girls. "We're graduated!"

Evie laughed; Meryl had always been very excitable. "Yeah… hey, April, Henry's watching you again," she said, her voice dropping.

April blushed and looked over to Henry, who quickly turned red and looked back to George and their friend Tyler, who had adopted his pretend Scottish accent. April asked quietly, "Is he coming to University of Illinois, too?" She looked at Evie, who was smirking widely along with Emmeline and Meryl.

"It just so happens he is," she said lightly.


Evie rolled her eyes and said, "That'll be my dad telling me to make good choices." She chuckled as she fought through the crowd to get to her parents and little brother. She smiled brightly at Matt and said, "Only four years 'till you graduate, Matt."

Matt smiled faintly. "Like you," he said quietly. He was a very shy boy, although he had grown to be very bright over the years.

Evie laughed and ruffled Matt's dark brown hair. She looked to her parents and asked brightly, "So what's up?"

Caomhe, whose fading red hair now had streaks of grey, said, "We just want you to know how proud we are of you." She ran her fingers through her daughter's long, curly black hair.

Keiran added, "And to warn you about college boys. They only have two things on their mind-"

Evie groaned loudly. "Dad, I know!" She laughed. "Don't you trust me?"

"Of course I do," he said. "It's those boys I don't trust." His eyes narrowed as he looked to George and Henry. "Particularly George and Henry."

"Oh come off it!" Evie shook her head and protested, "I grew up with them!"

"That's exactly why I don't trust them…" muttered Keiran darkly. "They corrupted you."

Evie looked to her mother, who nudged Keiran and added, "In case you haven't noticed, Evie did her fair share of corrupting them." She grinned at her daughter, who was wearing that infamous smirk.

"Yeah… well…" Keiran coughed awkwardly and he finally smiled. "You know we are proud of you."

Evie smiled back. "Thanks, Dad."


May 23, 2043

"She's getting married."

"Hmph." Keiran crossed his arms and glared at the door to the sanctuary, where in mere hours he would have to give up Evie forever. "Stupid nice boy… He's too old for her!" he protested.

Caomhe rolled her eyes; it amazed her how even when he was almost fifty, Keiran still acted like he did when Evie was just born. "Keiran, he's two months older."

"So? That means he was born in August and nothing good ever came out of August… like… like…" He furrowed his eyebrows, unwilling to admit he couldn't think of anything bad that happened in August.

Caomhe had to laugh. "You're three months older than me," she pointed out.

"That's completely different!" spluttered Keiran. "We were meant to be!" He looked at Caomhe desperately.

Caomhe snorted. "You know as well as I do that us ever going out was nothing but a miracle," she said dryly. She patted his arm. "Simon's a good kid." She stood up and pulled Keiran up. "C'mon. Let's go see her."

They stood up from the bench they had settled into and walked to the room where Evie and her bridesmaids (April, Emmeline, and Meryl, of course) were getting ready. Caomhe knocked at the door, smiling at the look on Keiran's face. When they heard Meryl yell, "Wait two seconds! Having a little bit of a crisis!"

They heard a CRASH! and then Emmeline crying, "OWWWW! Stupid bloody motherfreakin' vase…!"

"Such a sweet-tempered girl," commented Caomhe lightly and she was pleased to see that Keiran had laughed.

Then they heard April say calmly, "Let me see it, Em …"

"You can come in," laughed Evie.

Caomhe opened the door to find April examining Emmeline's bleeding foot, Emmeline shutting her eyes tightly, Meryl fixing her hair in the mirror, and Evie trying to figure out how to fix the veil over her hair. Keiran's jaw almost dropped and he was strongly reminded of all the dresses Evie had worn over the years to dances and her choir concerts and dates…. This one was pure white and made her, in Matt's opinion, look like a giant marshmallow in contrast to the bridesmaids' dark green dresses.

"Doesn't she look beautiful, Keiran?" asked Caomhe softly, her brown eyes tearing up at the sight of Evie.

Evie smiled broadly as Keiran nodded, smiled faintly, and said, "She's so grown up."

"I fixed her makeup!" chimed Meryl and then proceeded to point at April. "And she did her hair!"

Caomhe chuckled. "You did a wonderful job," she said and then looked up to Keiran. "Ready to give her away?"

Keiran swallowed hard. While he knew that this had to happen eventually, he couldn't help but remember Evie when she was two, when she was four, when she was five, when she needed Caomhe to fix her hair into pigtails, when she needed Keiran to check for monsters under the bed, when she needed them to bandage her up when she scraped her knee and tell her bedtime stories and reminded them to turn on her nightlight….

Part of him was tempted to shout, "NO! YOU CAN'T MAKE ME!" But his little angel popped up on his right shoulder and said gently, "She loves him and you know he loves her. It's time to let her start a family of her own."

Keiran blinked and nodded. "Yeah." He smiled. "I'm ready."


August 8, 2045.

"Her name's Kit Nicole." Evie looked at her daughter, who was lying still in her arms. Simon had never looked more in love with Evie than he did at that moment. Evie laughed. "Kit Nicole Evans." She paused and looked at Simon. "Brown hair, blue eyes."

"Look, Matt… you're an uncle," said Caomhe, patting her son's shoulder.

"Can I hold her?" asked Matt hopefully.

Evie smiled and motioned for Matt to sit in the chair next to her. She carefully placed Kit in Matt's arms and said gently, "Hold up her head."

Watching his granddaughter sleep in his son's arms, Keiran couldn't help but smile. "Here Matt, I wanna hold her," he said quietly, reaching out for Kit. As he took Kit, who yawned loudly, he said, "Your mom's a bad influence." He looked over at his son-in-law and continued, "Your dad's not too bad. They're going to be just as overprotective of you as I was with your mom."

Evie laughed, exchanging a grin with Simon, who reached out to hold Evie's hand.

Caomhe added, "And you can bet your grandpa's going to be a bad influence, too." Everybody laughed at the offended look on Keiran's face.

"I'm not gonna be a bad influence!" he protested and then he paused. "You got a great family here. Someday you might have a little brother or sister that'll drive you nuts and your dad will pray that you don't meet any boys- oh don't look at me like that, Simon, you know it's true- but your mom will be pretty cool about it."

"Keiran, I haven't had a turn," said Caomhe rather demandingly, making Keiran hand over Kit. Caomhe smiled and said, "You're such a beautiful little girl. Someday you'll be an even more beautiful girl who will drive your parents to the point of insanity."

Simon laughed nervously. "Can't wait for those days," he said somewhat sarcastically.

"Aw, come on, Simon." Evie patted Simon's knee. "You know as well as I do that even though she'll be a little brat, she'll be a sweet little brat." She paused. "And she won't be like that forever."

Caomhe grinned and continued, "I hope you'll give them just as much trouble as your mother gave us." She smirked at her daughter, who suddenly turned very pale. "And I hope you'll give them some amazing memories, just like your mom gave us."

Evie grinned and squeezed Simon's hand. Simon reached out to take his daughter and Caomhe acquiesced. Simon said, "Hey little girl. We've been waiting for you."


Wrote this on a whim because I love writing about Keiran and Evie.

Brownies for all. :)