He looked up at the old house, three stories tall, paint faded and chipped, windows broken: but something pulled him in… some strange unseen force was drawing him toward the house. As his body started to quiver as he reluctantly moved toward the house, his hands were getting sweaty, the hair on the back of his neck prickled. He was standing at the front door terrified and yet for the sake of his sanity: he could not turn away he was still being drawn to the house, now he was sure that he was losing his mind because he could have sworn that he heard someone calling him into the house.

But this house had been abandon for over fifty years and no one has lived here since the last owners. Was he really losing his mind? Could he just go home? Was there really something drawing him to the house? Those questions were running through his mind as he reached for the doorknob, he twisted it to the right and slowly swung the door open. It was dark inside, there was a moldy smell that overwhelmed the sense, and it was really dusty… and there was another smell that he could not explain what it was: but it smelled horrible.

He so badly wanted to flee, but someone or some thing kept him from fleeing. One foot in front of the other he walked deeper into the house when he was halfway in the first room, the front door slammed shut.

"Hello, is anyone here…?" His words echoed through the room then fell into a dead silence.

He barely manage to take one step back before the unseen force maliciously forced him deeper into the house. He went from the greeting room into the dinning room, there were white cloths lying over the furniture, the walls were painted red but time has made it faded and chipped. There was only a small walking path that he could barely squeeze through. The force that was drawing him in was getting stronger and dread was building up in his stomach.

The next room was the kitchen, the walls were white with yellow stains, the floor was green marble, the windows were broken it was letting in extremely cold air. He shivered and wrapped his arms around him.

"Is someone here, come on, this is not funny? David, Rick? If you guys are messing with me so you can scare me: it is not funny." Again, his words faded off into the dead silence.

But whatever thing that is drawing him in: is forcing him upstairs, he began to think as he climb the stairs, the only reason why he came near the house in the first place was because his friends dared him to. Now, he realized that is was a foolish mistake on his part to allow friends to manipulate him into doing this. Then he started to think about if he gets out of here alive that he would never listen to his friends again and he would definitely not take on another dare. Regardless of what they say to him! Unleashed

He was standing in the second story of the house, it seem that it had gotten colder. The staircase came through the middle of the floor, each wood polished wall had a door, but which door was he going to take? Whichever the force pulled him through. As he walked toward the thing that was pulling him in, he could feel his sanity faded away into an abyss of nothingness.

If he made it out of here alive: would he be sane or insane? He walked through the door in front of him, it was a little girl's room the walls were painted pink with dark pink dots, and the floor was covered with a yellow carpet. He walked back into the room where the staircase was; he looked around the room but couldn't decide where to head next. Would he just wait for the force to make him head in the direction it wanted him to head in?

It forced him to the door on his right, he entered the room and he grimaced at the sight he beheld. The walls were painted blue and the floor was a wood polished, the walls were covered in splatters of blood. …Now he knows what that smell was: it was the smell of decayed bodies…. What kind of sick twisted person does this to people? He thought that he was going to vomit at the sight, his stomach twist he ran to a corner of the room and started to vomit.

When he got into the next room, only a staircase was before him he climbed up the stairs hoping that he would leave this hell hole soon enough! He dared to smile at the thought. He reached the top of the stairs and the third story of the house. He was standing in a room with no door out of there, and no windows to bring in light. He reached into his packet and pulled out a Zippo lighter, he lit and looked around the room… he was sickened by the amount of dismembered bodies. A thin layer of blood coated the floor, which made it slippery.

"What's the matter, Kevin?" Rick asked.

"Yeah, what's the matter, Kevin?" David smiled wickedly at him.

Both his friends were standing behind him when he turned to face them, they had sharp pointed teeth… the friends he had just met the day before were vampires, and now Kevin realized why they had pushed him into going in the house because it was abandon and they can lure people in the house and drink they dry.

They jumped at him biting him, ripping the flesh from his body, he screamed in horrific pain but no one would ever hear him scream… then his screams fell into the dead silence….