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here goes nothing!

Sitting in the car, I leaned over to Shirley in an attempt to steal a kiss or two from her.

"Uh-uh-uhh!" she teased, singsonging. "Not 'till we get home..." Though the temptation was killing me, later, thinking back on it, I figured it was totally worth it.

We arrived to her house, and I saw that her family was loaded. Her house was nearly the size of the White House, and later I found out they had a home theater, a pool that seemed to be olympic-sized (though a lot better looking), a basketball court...the works.

"Fred's not home, his car would have been here. Come on, what are you waiting for?" She grabbed my hand (shocks ran up and down my spine) and pulled me into her house, then dragged me upstairs. "Get changed, there's a bathroom right there, I'll get changed in my room, then open the door once I'm done changing." She thrust the Victoria's Secret bag in my hands. As I turned around she slapped my bum. "I'll be getting more of that later," she smirked.

I left the bathroom to see the door already open. As I went into her bedroom I saw her room for the first of many times. It was really big, included a plasma TV, a thin, but expensive-looking laptop, stereo, and a whole bunch of other things most kids don't have. Her walk-in closet was pretty big, too.

I was so busy looking around, I didn't noticed my getting ambushed by Shirley. She showered me in kisses, first at my lips, sliding down to my chin, my neck and my collarbone. She threw me on her bed. "Kinky or no?" she asked, holding handcuffs.

"Do it." I smiled. I was pinned, my arms above my head attached to the bed frame up there, and my legs spread wide apart attached to the bed frame closer to my feet. She began kissing me again, nibbling my ear. It sent shudders down my back. She kept kissing me until she reached my bra. "Let's get rid of this," she growled, as she undid the very convenient front hook.

My breasts fell out of my bra, and by the looks of Shirley's face, she was very pleased. She licked, very slowly, very teasingly, around my erect right nipple. "What are you waiting for!?" I screamed, not able to wait any longer. Finally, she bit it, licked it, while playing with my left nipple, the forgotten one, between her fingers. Before she went to lick the left one, she got up. I was confused.

She came back with a bottle of whipped cream, decorated my left breast very ornately. "What," I played, "my C-cup sized boob isn't good enough for you?"

"Shhh...I'm doing all the work, you stay quiet. Last time I checked, you were at the mercy of my hormones. You're my personal sex slave." She licked the whipped cream off my chest, slowly but surely, finally uncovering my pinkish-red nipple hiding underneath it all. She licked that, then bit it, pulling it a bit towards herself. She finally stopped sucking on my nipple, but went to all the other parts of my chest, leaving hickies everywhere she left. By the end of that night, you could see where her mouth was by the looks of the red trail she left on my body.

Slowly, Shirley crept down to below my belly-button, pulling my underwear off. She looked at me quickly, as if to ask if it was alright to go in. "I already lost my virginity, remember?"

She just smiled. "Not all of it. You never had lesbian sex. You're gonna like it a lot better than having a dick shoved up your ass." Continuing, she spread my legs apart, lie down on the bed in between them, and shot her tongue up my vagina, massaging my clit with her hand. I moaned. Her tongue was darting in and out of there, exploring everything there was to know about it, getting to places the light never touched. I began to moan. "Mmm..." Shirley said once she stopped. "You tasted sweet." And I hadn't even reached my climax yet.

She took two fingers and put them up my vagina. "Damn, you're petite, I would have never guessed looking at you."

"Oh, shut up, I've had bigger things shoved up in there."

"Oh really?" and with that she stuck four fingers in.

I winced at first before saying (totally satisfied), "That's more like it." With that said, she began to pump, in and out, in and out, slow at first until finally I reached it. "OOHHHHH," I screamed, I had to, there was no holding it in anymore. My liquid exploded all over her hand.

Pulling it out, Shirley licked it, also satisfied with her job well done. I began to whimper, as she came upon me. "Why don't you look at this," she said. "I'm still clothed, where as, you look like you're done for the night. How does that happen? You're always the first one undressed." She playfully shook her head to me.

"More," I growled, though admittedly, heaving (not that that was such a bad thing, my chest going up and down, Shirley's eyes were locked on it)."I take more."

"Really? Can you?" She lie down me and unlocked all the handcuffs, ending with the ones on my hands. I was happy to have them back as I pulled Shirley in, so that she was laying on me. I began kissing her like I never kissed anyone before. Slowly, so that she wouldn't object as much, I began to pull her clothes off of her so that she lay on my, completely naked. I kept kissing her, slowly bringing my hands first to her soft, round bottom, claiming them as my own, then up they slithered to her chest so I could hold, so I could savor her perfect breasts. I moved her up so that she was set perfectly to me--her lips at my lips, her boobs on my boobs, her triangle at mine.

All of it felt so unfamiliar to me. Never had I had plain breasts lay across mine, nor had I ever held them in my life before (with the exception of mine when I was making faces in the mirror). Unfamiliar, but in no way did I not like it.

I rolled her over, and I for the first time, did all the same that she did to me. We began to make out again, so she rolled me back over so I was on the bottom (I always liked being on the bottom), then wrapped her legs around my hips, and then we continued to kiss. We fell asleep like that, her on me, both bodies naked but in perfect harmony.

. . . . . . . . . .

We woke up the next morning, my head laying on Shirley's still-bare chest, to find a blanket on us that wasn't there before, and a camera with a note attached. "My little sister, already growing up." We turned on the camera to find pictures of us sleeping how we were. And though that was probably considered pornography, we looked at each other with as much love in our eyes as we could possibly muster. Both of us saw the other in the picture as the perfect sleeping angel.

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